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Alan Alexander Milne: The Red House Mystery

Mark Ablett's country home, the sprawling Red House, is the perfect country retreat. Secluded, peaceful, and far from the bustling crowds of London, it makes a perfect weekend getaway for Mark and his friends. But when Mark's brother returns from Australia, he has an old grudge to settle… and money to extort. After he enters Mark's study, the parlor maid hears arguing. But when the brother is found shot to death inside… Mark Ablatt is suddenly missing! Has he fled the country? The local police begin a bungling investigation, so Antony Gillingham, one of Mark's guests, takes it upon himself to find out who really committed the crime! And Antony's powers of observation rival those of Sherlock Holmes…

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1922

Wildside Press, Rockville, 2003
190 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781592242191

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Alan Alexander Milne: The Red House Mystery

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The library was worth going into, passages or no passages. Antony could never resist another person’s bookshelves. As soon as he went into the room, he found himself wandering round it to see what books the owner read, or (more likely) did not read, but kept for the air which they lent to the house.

CHAPTER XI. The Reverend Theodore Ussher

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There was indeed a “frightful lot” of books. The four walls of the library were plastered with them from floor to ceiling, save only where the door and the two windows insisted on living their own life, even though an illiterate one.

CHAPTER XI. The Reverend Theodore Ussher

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"…Hallo; good morning, Miss Norris. I was just telling the Major what was going to happen to you and him this morning. Do you want any assistance, or do you prefer choosing your own breakfast?”
“Please don’t get up,” said Miss Norris. “I’ll help myself. Good morning, Major.”

CHAPTER II. Mr. Gillingham Gets Out at the Wrong Station

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