While ​the Light Lasts (Hercule Poirot 45.) (Arthur Hastings 12.) 3 csillagozás

Agatha Christie: While the Light Lasts Agatha Christie: While the Light Lasts Agatha Christie: While the Light Lasts

A macabre recurring dream … revenge against a blackmailer … jealousy, infidelity and a tortured conscience … a stolen gemstone … the haunting attraction of an ancient relic … a race against time … a tragic love triangle … a body in a box … an unexpected visitor from beyond the grave…

Nine quintessential examples of Agatha Christie’s brilliance are contained in this new collection of early short stories – including the very first one she ever wrote – and provide a unique glimpse of the Queen of Crime in the making.

‘Probably the best suspicion scatterer and diverter in the business.’ New York Herald Tribune

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1997


HarperCollins, London (United Kingdom), 2003
252 oldal · ISBN: 9780007154852
HarperCollins, London, 1997
224 oldal · ISBN: 9780002326438

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Claire Halliwell

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Agatha Christie: While the Light Lasts

A szilveszteri buliba tartva a 63-as buszon sikerölt befejeznem. :D A regények után mindig kicsit nehéz visszazökkenni ezekbe a rövidke történetekbe, bár Christie igyekszik ezeket is meglepően kidolgozottá tenni.

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Agatha Christie: While the Light Lasts

Volt ebben minden, kísértethistória, kincsvadászat, Poirot… Azért a későbbi regényeivel nem veszi fel a versenyt, de néhány novellán jól szórakoztam.

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This is the story of John Segrave – of his life, which was unsatisfactory; of his love, which was unsatisfied; of his dreams, and of his death; and if in the two latter he found what was denied in the two former, then his life may, after all, be taken as a success.

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One isn't angry with the people who don't count.

Within a Wall IV.

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But there are three people, madame, to whom a woman should speak the truth. To her Father Confessor, to her hairdresser and to her private detective – if she trusts him.

The Mystery of The Baghdad Chest (217. oldal)

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Claire Halliwell was thirty-two. She had an upright carriage, a healthy colour and nice brown eyes. She was not beautiful, but she looked fresh and pleasent and very English. Everybody liked her, and said she was a good sort.

The Edge. I.

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