New ​York Sketches 2004 1 csillagozás

Adrian Tomine: New York Sketches 2004

Dan Clowes meets Walker Evans in this collection of subway and street portraits by Adrian Tomine, whose work readers will recognize from Time, Rolling Stone, Dave Eggersis Best American Nonrequired Reading and the cover of The New Yorker. New York Sketches features 15 full-color reproductions of the beautiful ink-and-watercolor drawings that Tomine began after moving from California to the city. Each shows his unparalleled eye for detail: a police officer scrutinizes a stylish young mother; a girl remains content but completely motionless through four subway stops; a disgruntled worker kicks a chair while he sweeps. This remarkable portfolio is printed on finely textured 130-lb. Cougar paper, accordion folded so that images can be detached for framing or displayed upright together. It is the only full-color project featuring new art from Adrian Tomine, one of the most respected and perhaps the most widely visible alternative cartoonists of our time.

Buenaventura, 2006
16 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9780976684824

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