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Adóba László: Building dioramas 3

In the third instalment of the series called Building Dioramas, readers can follow the making of four different, complete miniature landscapes step-by-step. The materials used and the methods employed during the builds may look and sound familiar for many, at least for those who have already read the previously published issues. Some of the descriptions must have been repeated, thinking of those others who haven’t met my books before. Of course, besides the methods and techniques demonstrated earlier, readers will surely find many new tips and tricks. In this publication I primarily wanted to show how to connect and apply together the formerly presented individual procedures; from the very beginning to the end: to a complete diorama. Just like in the previous issues, I tried to work with the cheapest materials and simplest methods possible, as long as the given situation would allow it.

Costa, Budapest, 2015
104 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9789631232219 · Fordította: Bíró Péter · Illusztrálta: Zentai Éva, Adóba László

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