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Aaron Allston: Betrayal

Honor ​and duty collide with friendship and blood ties as the Skywalker and Solo clans find themselves on opposing sides of an explosive conflict.

When a mission to uncover an illegal missile factory on the planet Adumar ends in a violent ambush – from which Jedi Knight Jacen Solo and his protégé and cousin, Ben Skywalker, narrowly escape with their lives – it's the most alarming evidence yet that political unrest is threatening to ignite into total rebellion. The specter of full-scale war looms between a growing cadre of defiant planets and the Galactic Alliance that some fear is becoming a new Empire.

Determined to root out those behind the mayhem, Jacen follows a trail of cryptic clues to a rendezvous with the most shocking of revelations. Meanwhile Luke grapples with something even more troubling: dream visions of a shadowy figure whose Force power and ruthlessness remind him of Darth Vader. If Luke's visions come to pass, they will bring untold pain to the Jedi… (tovább)

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2006

Del Rey, USA, 2007
480 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9780345477354
Arrow, Washington, 2007
496 oldal · ISBN: 9780099491163

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Han Solo · Wedge Antilles

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Aaron Allston: Betrayal

Tetszett a könyv, főleg az Allstontól már megszokott, random komikus jelenetek, amiknek később vagy lett jelentősége, vagy nem. Az elején az alapfelállás kicsit légbőlkapott és nem túl megalapozott, de aztán beindulnak a történések, sok fronton. Ad egy bájt, de már kicsit túl belterjes a mindenkinek a leszármazottjait szerepeltetni, mindenesetre mostanra már nem nagyon úszik el mellettem utalás, amiből azért akadt bőveb. A végkifejlet meg hát… ennek még ülepednie kell, na. De lényeg a lényeg, abszolút átgondolt, konzisztens könyv rengeteg ötlettel és frankó hajókkal.

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„Ride's too smooth,” Han said.
„Are you out of your mind?” Wedge asked. „The ride's too smooth?”
„Right. There should be some vibration, some dangerous-looking heat warnings to indicate that you're punching through into the atmosphere. These Shrieks, they don't offer the atmosphere any respect.”
„What you're saying is, unless a transport is leaving a thin stream of pieces behind, like a trail of bread crumbs, during atmospheric entry, it doesn't match up to the Millennium Falcon standard.”
„Well… right.”
„You could fire a few blaster shots into your own control panel and deal with the resulting malfunctions if you just wanted to feel at home.”
„Oh, yeah? Well, I could get drunk on leave and cause a massive interplanetary incident, then call on you to straighten it out, since you're my commanding officer.”
„You could do that. Or I could have the mechanics sabotage your hyperdrive so when it conked out you could tell everyone it's not your fault.”
„Owww. I could arrange for you to receive orders to conquer Coruscant, but your only resources would be twelve drunken Ewoks, four malfunctioning speeders, and forty kilos of beach sand.”
„That'll take at least two weeks, sir.”
Han grinned.

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