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A. G. Woodhead: The Greeks in the West

This ​book has been written with three principal objects in mind. First, it aims to provide for the ever-increasing number of 'travellers in antique lands'a survey which, for those interested in the Greek remains of the western Mediterranean, will offer a fuller yet convenient background to what they find on the ancient sites. Its second aim is to provide the classical student with a short conspectus of the history and attainments of the western Greeks which may serve as a basis for closer study of particular details: and last, though by no means least, it seeks to break new ground in isolating the distinctive features of western Hellas and suggesting some assessment of their relationship to Hellenism as a whole. To attempt this within the limits laid down by the 'Ancient Peoples and Places'series is no doubt rash, and in all probability justice has been done to no single one of the aims outlined. Much has had to be omitted and much treated with an inadequacy it does not deserve.… (tovább)

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1962

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