The ​Gatherer (Brilliant Darkness 2,5) 0 csillagozás

A. G. Henley: The Gatherer

Alev is proud to be a Fire Sister, one of a fierce group of women who live on their own terms in a flaming mountain compound called the Cloister. The Sisters live without men, so Alev must Gather young girls to replenish their numbers.

When Alev plucks young Kaiya from the remote village of Koolkuna, the girl’s father follows them into the wilderness. Alev keeps him at bay, but she suspects that this man, at least, isn’t the monster she was taught all men are.

After he arrives at the Cloister, the Sisters want to put him to death. Alev can look the other way, or she can heed the growing whispers of her heart to help Kaiya and her father escape. But to defy the Fire Sisters is to revoke the only life and family Alev has ever known—and to face certain death herself.

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60 oldal · ASIN: B0134GW6SU

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