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Fekete Ádám
The First Lamentation of Microwave Horse Johnson

I woke up this morning
I tried to put on my shoes
but I couldn't reach my feet
my legs didn't bend that way
so I called my house doctor
but she wasn't at the phone
so I called my agent vanda
but she vomited glass
so I called my mother-in-low
but she was dead twenty years ago
so I put my shoes into the microwave oven
and went back to bed
singing with my eyes closed
oh oh devil
bring my old and bending legs back
but the devil was too busy at the moment
torturing a family of frogs
so I opend my eyes
fortunately it all was a dream
so I took my shoes out of the microwave oven
I tried to put them on
and my legs could bend again
now I can get some fucking lunch alredy
oh oh fucking lunch blues