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Ingyenes! Történelmi romantikus, időutazós
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He needs a wife to secure his lands. She has no intention of being that wife.
A call for help transports Emma from her lonely world to medieval Scotland. Accepting her fate and opening her heart, she finds the love of a father, a trusted friend, and a child who captures her heart, but the arrogant laird offends her at every turn.

Declan, Laird of the Draig, carries the heavy burden of protecting and providing for those of the clan. Faced with the possibility of losing his land, his title, and his daughter, he accepts his own fate--he must marry and his dreams must die. A marriage of convenience is his only option.

Intrigued by Emma's courage and strength, Declan uses every trick in the book to have her by his side and in his bed. Will the laird's responsibilities destroy them both?
a stand-alone novel

Kapcsolódó alkotók: Lisa Dawn Wadler