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Outside the window there I am with you / poetry therapy session

HelyszínAttention - A hely, Gyulai Pál utca 5., Budapest, 1085
Időpont2020. január 21., 18:00 – 2020. január 21., 20:00

„…outside the window there I am with you…”
Poetry therapy session in English

I am Rudolf Panka, a Hungarian poetry therapy group facilitator (bibliotherapist).
I am inviting you to my English poetry therapy group session.

We will talk about life, feelings, memories, desires, sorrows with the help of beautiful poems. You, the participants will shape this session – everything you share is important and nothing is insignificant.

If you want to join a new community and learn a bit about yourself and the worlds of others, come, let’s meet and talk!

All nationalities are welcome (Hungarians, too! :)), but please don't forget that we'll communicate in English, so join only if you are confident in your language skills.

Participation fee: 4000 HUF (paid on site)
Please fill in this registration form, if you plan to attend, to help me prepare for the session:

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