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Mary E. Pearson: Dance of Thieves
Mary E. Pearson: Tolvajok tánca



– Néha fel kell adni valamit, ha nyerni akarunk valami mást, ami fontosabb nekünk.

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„She's at that age,” Vairlyn said apologetically. „Always full of questions.”
I smiled. „It's a good age. Questions are important.”
Jalaine looked at me eypectantly, as though she still hoped I would answer. I didn't.
„Jalaine has a beau,” Nash said proudly.
„No, I do not, Nash.” I watched Jalaine's frustration with her loose-lipped sibling grow.
„But Fertig asked you to marry him,” Lydia countered.
„And I haven't said yes,” she answered between gritted teeth.
„Yet,” Priya mumbled under her breath.

162. oldal, 20. fejezet


„There are seventy-eight of us Ballengers altogether,” Priya said, „and that's not counting the third cousins.”
„Third cousins like Paxton?” I asked.
An icy wall fell over Priya.
„Yes,” Vairlyn answered, „like him.”
„Of course, we are hoping for more little Ballengers soon,” Jalaine quipped. Priya jabbed her elbow into her sister's side.

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