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He died in the middle of our conversation. How rude.

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Is it evil to kill with alchemy? Is it more virtuous to kill with a gun? Or maybe you were prepared to kill one or two people but not thousands? The moment you put on this uniform out of your own free will, you knew something like this could be expected of you. If you don't like it, you shouldn't have put it on in the first place. Why do you act as though you're the victims, when this was the path you chose, free of coercion? I f you're going to pity yourselves, then don't kill anyone in the first place! Don't avert your eyes from death. Look straight ahead. Look squarely at the people you're killing. And don't forget them. Never forget them. Because they won't forget you.

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'Why are there only two choices? Either we get our original bodies back but can't save anyone… or we give up our goal so we can save everyone. Those aren't the only two available choices, you know. Who's to say we can't get our flesh and blood bodies back and save everyone?'
'What about the law of equivalent exchange?'
'Humanity's advancement is founded on looking for new possibilities instead of being bound by general principles.'
'Oh, I see. In other words, if you're successful, then the laws of nature will change to fit the new reality. Then here's another possibility. You won't be able to regain your original bodies nor save anyone. You'd do well to beware of that outcome.'

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I want to see how the world will change. (…) The resolve of one side against the other. Will against will. Life against life. One belief clashing against another. Humans against the homunculi who call themselves 'evolved humans'. I want to see who will win. I want to see who is right… who is stronger… and who will survive. And which side the world will choose.

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