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Marissa Meyer: Renegades


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“I can’t tell if that was arrogant,” Ruby muttered, “or just … you know, honest.”
“The two aren’t mutually exclusive,” said Oscar.

Chapter Thirteen

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“You know, I’m not sure you picked the right alias. Insomnia is too passive. I vote we change it to Velociraptor.”
Ruby laughed. “Relatively small, but surprisingly ferocious?”
“Exactly. All in favor?”

Chapter Twenty-Seven

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“So…,” said Oscar, nodding at the nearest chair, “are you going to take that?”
Adrian shook his head. “Go for it.”
“I don’t need it,” said Oscar, with a casual, one-shouldered shrug. “You’re the head honcho here. If you want it—”
“Sit down, Oscar.”
Oscar scowled, and Nova could feel him bristling at Adrian’s abruptness. It was unlike Adrian, and suggested that he, too, was more nervous than he was trying to let show.
With a sigh, Adrian gestured at the chair. “I need you to play bad cop. The bad cop would take the chair, right?”
(…) “Oh yeah,” he said, with a pleased nod. “Bad cop is ready.”
“Which of us is good cop?” said Ruby, glancing at Adrian and Nova in turn.
“I’m good cop,” said Adrian. He glanced at Nova. “You’re the observer. If you have something to say or add, jump in, but otherwise, I want you focused on any signs he might be lying … or telling the truth.”
“So who am I?” said Ruby.
Adrian grinned. “You’re the muscle.”
Ruby beamed, hopping excitedly from foot to foot as she loosened the wire on her wrist.
“Hold on,” said Oscar, glancing over his shoulder. “Maybe I wanted to be the muscle.”

Chapter Thirty-One