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Rose Tyler (Billie Piper)



Mickey leaned forward and looked across at him. ‘Come off it, you
do this stuff for real! What’s so exciting about playing a game?’
The Doctor leaned back on his chair. ‘Yeah, well, the thing about
games as opposed to real life is, one, you’re honing your reflexes,
right, two, you’re practising strategic thinking, and three, you’ve usually
got a cup of tea and a packet of HobNobs at hand.’
‘And four, real aliens aren’t trying to bite your head off, right?’
The Doctor grinned. ‘Yeah, I s’pose there’s a downside as well. So,
about that cuppa then. . . ’
‘You just had two cups at my mum’s,’ said Rose. ‘And three sandwiches
and two cakes.’
‘Don’t tell me England’s got a tea-restriction law these days,’ the
Doctor said. ‘If it has, I’ll probably have to take down the government.

chapter 2

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‘Was this a wild horse?’ Rose had asked.
‘It was livid,’ said the Doctor.
‘And you tamed it? Doesn’t that take weeks?’
‘Not when you’ve got this,’ said the Doctor, brandishing his slightly psychic paper. ‘It thinks I’m wonderful, god of the horses. Does pictures too, you know, psychic paper.’

126. oldal

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– Mindig is el akartam egyszer jutni Disneylandbe – álmodozott tovább Rose.
– Hát ez csodás. Oda vágysz, ahol a felnőttek egereknek öltöznek, és a gyerekek kidobják a taccsot a hullámvasúton? Ugyan már, én olyan bolygókat tudok mutatni neked, ahol tényleg találkozhatsz beszélő egerekkel. És kacsákkal is!

10 - 11. oldal

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Keisha was quite calm, her eyes shining as she stared into space.`Jay came back.'
The Doctor blinked. `What?'
Rose nodded. `He did. We saw him.'
`This could be serious,' said the Doctor gravely, dropping the plasticbag. `I only got enough chips for three.'

chapter 1

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The Doctor spun a dial and threw a lever. 'Kegron Pluva,' he announced grandly.
'OK,' mused Rose. 'That a person or a place? Or some sod of oven spray?'
'Planet.' the Doctor beamed. 'It's got the maddest ecosystem in the universe.' He flung his arms about, demonstrating. 'You've got six moons going one way, three moons going the other way, and a sun that onl orbits the planet! Forty-three seasons in one year. The top life form, it's a kind of dog-plant-fungus thing…'
'Top dog-plant-fungus,' laughed Rose.
'Yeah.' The Doctor nodded. 'Plus the water's solid and everyone eats a ind of metal plum…'
Rose held up a hand. 'Enough spoilers. Just let me see it.'


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Rose held the Doctor back a second. 'Are they robots? Or aliens? Or is it too much tartrazine? Or what?'
The Doctor thought for a second. Then he said, 'What.'


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'Yeah. Why d'you think you invented clothes in the first place?'
'And thoe clothes would be like…"
'Skins. By-product of a heavy red-meat diet."
Rose laughed. 'What, so everyone in the Stone Age was on the Atkins?'
'No choice,' said the Doctor. 'Mammoth for breakfast, mammoth for dinner and mammoth for tea.'


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'Let's put you in here,' the Doctor said, leading Dickson through to a large room.
Dickson tried to pull away. 'But that's the drawing room, sir.'
'I don't mind.'
'And I don't draw,' Rose told him.

18. oldal, 1. fejezet (BBC Books, 2005)

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'Breakfast?' Rose asked.
'Was great,' the Doctor told her.

65-66. oldal, 4. fejezet (BBC Books, 2005)

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'No big deal,' she assured him. 'Saved the good guy, fought off the baddies. The usual, you know.'

67. oldal, 4. fejezet (BBC Books, 2005)

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