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Brandon Sanderson: Skyward


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“You said this was a popular theory?” Rig asked.
“With me,” M-Bot said.
“And there’s a lot written about it?” Rig said.
“By me,” M-Bot said. “Earlier today. I wrote seven thousand pages. My processors work very quickly, you realize. Granted, most of what I wrote is just ‘humans are weird’ repeated 3,756,932 times.”
“You were supposed to be running a diagnostic!” Rig said.
“Rig, that took like thirty seconds,” M-Bot said. “I needed something more engaging to occupy my time.”

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“Would you go keep that thing occupied? I don’t want it jabbering at me while I work.”
“I can both talk to her and bother you!” M-Bot called. “Multitasking is an essential means by which an artificial intelligence achieves more efficiency than fleshy human brains.”
Rig looked at me.
“No insult intended!” M-Bot added. “You have very nice shoes!”
“We’ve been working on his compliments,” I said.
“They aren’t nearly as stupid as the rest of your outfit!”
“He still needs practice.”

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