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Nalini Singh: Tangle of Need
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the most senior SnowDancer Lieutenant
second in hierarchy only to Hawke
nicknamed “the Wall”
heavily muscled in his wolf form, built for stubborn endurance
uses rigid control to keep his wolf on a tight leash
older brother of Brenna and and Andrew Kincaid
mother and father were lieutenants who died protecting the pack
raised his younger brother and sister after their parents died
blames himself for not keeping Brenna safe after her abduction
always planned on having a submissive mate
extremely protective
the calmer he acts, the angrier he is
quiet sense of humor, loved by children
always seems quiet, practical and grounded
stubborn and completely focused
solid looking and deceptively appears to move slow
can take down a fully grown wolf in his human form in mere seconds
short deep chestnut hair, chocolate eyes
30 years old
mate of Mercy Smith

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“If we do this, you have to know—the instant you go ‘Me Tarzan, you Jane’ on me, I’m kicking your wolf ass out of my bed.” Her hands closed over his shoulders, claws kneading. “Understood?”
“I understand you’ll try to kick me out.” A smile that began as a bare curve of his lips, and ended up creasing his cheeks with lean male dimples. “Maybe you’ll win.”

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“Riley, you still try to order Brenna around, and she’s mated, for chrissakes.”
“She’s my baby sister. I’ll try to order her around when she’s eighty and a great-grandmother.”

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“Happy now?” she muttered, wondering if anyone hadn’t seen that blatant display of ownership. She and Riley were going to have a long talk after this was over."
“No. I won’t be happy until I have you over my lap.”
She narrowed her eyes. “Try it and we’ll see who still has his balls.”

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“One thing I’ve always wondered—why did you enter that bikini contest when you were a teenager?”
Her face flushed with a mixture of anger and embarrassment. “How far back did you trace me?”
“Far enough.” A pause. “You didn’t answer my question.”
“And you didn’t turn into a puff of smoke and disappear. The world is full of disappointments.”

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“Look at her.”
She followed his gaze to find Brenna laughing up at Judd, her golden presence a stark contrast to her mate’s quiet intensity—but no matter what he looked like, there was no doubting the bond between the two. “They’re good together.”
Riley hugged her to his side. “Yeah, they are.” And for the first time, there were no shadows in his eyes when he looked at his sister. It was, Mercy thought, an excellent start. “God,” he continued, “I can’t believe I used to play horsie for her when she was a little bit.” He shook his head. “What games did you play with your brothers?”
“I considered Bas my own personal doll. I used to dress him up in sentinel gear and take him on raids.”

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“Whose place is this?”
She stared at him. “What? Since when do you own this?”
“Five years ago.” He shrugged. “I had it built for my mate.”
“The cute little housewife?”
“I’m an idiot,” he said, “but obviously, I’m an idiot who even then knew he was an idiot.” She folded her arms, staring daggers at him.
“Mercy, look around you. It’s rugged as hell. Can you see some submissive little creature surviving out here?”
Blinking, she did take a good look around. “She’d pee her pants at the first strange noise.” Arms lowered, she walked over and poked him in the chest. “Have you had other women here?”
“No one’s been here. I’ve never even spent a night inside.” Dropping one of the crutches, he reached up to cup her cheek. “I built it for two, not one.”

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“Where’s Grey?”
“Right here.” Her youngest brother came in through the kitchen doorway with her father. “Hi, Riley.”
Her eyes narrowed when no one bothered to introduce themselves. Even her father just gave a curt nod and kissed Mercy on the cheek before going to his mate. She looked at Bas. “Did you four gang up on Riley?”
Absolute silence in the kitchen except for her mother’s exasperated breath. “Michael T. Smith, I told you to leave the boy alone.”
The “boy” held her tighter against him, obviously not the least bit worried. “I’m fine, Mrs. Smith. And I have a sister, too.”
Lia turned her gaze on Riley. “Good God, Mercy. You brought another one into the family?”

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[Bastian] “Riley.”
“Where are your brothers?”
Bastien smiled and it was nothing friendly. “They’ll be along soon. So, what makes you think you have any right to lay a hand on my sister?”
“She gave me that right.” (…) “Seems to me she’s a woman who knows what she wants.”
“She’s also my sister.” Bastien straightened. “And you’re a wolf.” The hairs on Riley’s nape rose as another man entered the garage. He was older, his hair lightly threaded with gray.
“I didn’t expect your father.”
“When you’re touching his baby girl?” Bastien snorted. “Hi, Dad. Shall we kill him here or take him out to the forest?”
Michael Smith folded his arms and fixed Riley with a gimlet eye. “You going to hurt my girl?”
“No, sir.”
“According to her grandmother, you already broke my Mercy’s heart.” Riley’s stomach pitched, not at the words, but at the memory of how he’d hurt her. “She’s not that fragile.” He felt a sudden kinship with Judd. Riley and Drew had made his life hell after he first started seeing Brenna.
“No, she’s fucking not.” Bastien grinned as Sage and Grey entered the suspiciously otherwise-empty garage. Riley was now surrounded by Smith men. He didn’t make any aggressive moves toward the two youngest, though they were pushing into his space. Pups, they were just pups. Bastien could be dangerous, but in this, Michael Smith was the one who truly mattered.
Now the older man stepped closer. “She ever beaten you in a fight?”
“Almost.” (…)
“How’d that go down?”
Riley understood that was the most crucial question of all. He could’ve lied. He didn’t. “Like sandpaper.”
Michael blinked, as if surprised. “Then why are you with her?” He held the other man’s gaze, let his own fill with the raw fury of the wolf.
“You know why. And you know I won’t walk away.

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“You make my heart beat, Mercy.”
Her heart jumped into his hands all over again. He was so damn calm and he made those statements as if they were facts of life. “Riley.” Kisses on her cheek, along her jaw. “So, how many brat-lets do you want?”
“As many as it takes to drive you insane.” Her throat was husky with emotion. “Then one redheaded little girl should do it.”
“I love you.” Beyond the mating bond, beyond the sensual draw, she quite simply loved Riley. “More every single day.” And she didn’t care how sappy that sounded.
A slow, perfect Riley smile. Just for her.

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“How‟s everything in the den?” came Riley‟s familiar voice.
“Relax, big brother.” Andrew tried for a breezy tone. “We‟re managing to limp along without you.”
A smal pause. “What‟s wrong?”
Ah, hel . His oldest sibling knew him better than anyone else—there was no way he‟d buy a bul shit answer. “I have a question. Have Indigo and Hawke ever . . .” Acid burned in his gut as he gave voice to a possibility he‟d never even considered before.
Another, longer pause. “No. Never.”
Andrew collapsed into a sitting position on the bed. “Now you have to forget I ever asked you that question.”

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