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Nalini Singh: Branded by Fire
Nalini Singh: Play of Passion
Nalini Singh: Tangle of Need
Nalini Singh: Borzongás

the most senior SnowDancer Lieutenant
second in hierarchy only to Hawke
nicknamed “the Wall”
heavily muscled in his wolf form, built for stubborn endurance
uses rigid control to keep his wolf on a tight leash
older brother of Brenna and and Andrew Kincaid
mother and father were lieutenants who died protecting the pack
raised his younger brother and sister after their parents died
blames himself for not keeping Brenna safe after her abduction
always planned on having a submissive mate
extremely protective
the calmer he acts, the angrier he is
quiet sense of humor, loved by children
always seems quiet, practical and grounded
stubborn and completely focused
solid looking and deceptively appears to move slow
can take down a fully grown wolf in his human form in mere seconds
short deep chestnut hair, chocolate eyes
30 years old
mate of Mercy Smith

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– Ha csak egyszer is megríkatod, én összetöröm minden csontodat, darabokra szaggatlak és pikniket rendezek a vad farkasoknak.
– Riley! – Brenna megütközött a bátyja szavain.
Judd nem lepődött meg. A nyugodt külső alatt Riley éppen annyira vadul féltette Brennát, mint Andrew.
– Azt hiszem, Brenna tökéletesen képes ezt elintézni saját maga is.
– Judd!
Riley arcán szokatlanul széles mosoly jelent meg.
– Igen. Ez így van!

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[Riley ]"A naked redhead with her boots on. Nirvana"

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[Riley] “You trying to make me crazy?”
[Merrcy] “Everyone needs a hobby.”

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[Riley] Great. If Drew was nosy, then Bren was relentless. “You have no life, Drew.”
“Then you won’t mind if I stick my nose into yours.”

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“Now that we‟re all here, we can begin.”
“Cut me a break,Indy .” Hawke grinned at the look she shot him, but his next words were pure growl. “I just spent ten minutes explaining to the juveniles why they can‟t go around sniffing after the leopard girls without expecting to get their asses kicked by the leopard boys at least once. When the hell is Riley coming back?”

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“Keep your shirt on next time,” she muttered to Riley, realizing the implication of her statement an instant too late.
“Keep your claws in . . . no, don’t. I liked it.” A pause. “Kitty.”

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“I don’t need a mate,” she muttered, staring up at the bright circle of the early autumn moon. “But can’t you send me a nice, sexy, strong male to dance with? Pretty please?” She hadn’t had a lover for close to eight months now, and it was starting to hurt on every level. “He doesn’t even have to be smart, just good between the sheets.” Good enough to unsnap the tension in her body, allow her to function again.

Because sex wasn’t simply about pleasure for a cat like her—it was about affection, about trust, about everything good. “Though right this second, I’d take plain old hot sex.” That was when Riley walked out of the shadows. “Got an itch, kitty?”

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“So what, you followed me hoping I’d lower my standards and sleep with a wolf ?” She intentionally made “wolf” sound about as appetizing as “reptile.”
Riley’s jaw tightened under a shadow of stubble a shade darker than the deep chestnut of his hair. “You want to claw at me, kitty-cat? Come on.”
Her hands clenched. She really wasn’t this much of a bitch. But goddamn Riley had a way of lighting her fuse. “Sorry, I don’t beat defenseless puppies.”

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[Riley]“I’ve got an assignment you’ll love.”
Hawke blinked, the slow, lazy blink of a predator very much on alert. “If the name Sienna appears in that assignment, I’m going to shred you open, tie your intestines in a bow, and feed you to the feral wolves.”
Riley smiled and kept going as if Hawke hadn’t spoken. “You need to take care of a certain juvenile Psy female you gave sanctuary to when her entire family defected from the PsyNet.”
“I should’ve given orders to eat them all.”
“Psy taste rubbery,” Riley said straight-faced. “I know. I tried to chew off Judd’s arm once while we were hunting.”

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“How was your nap, kitty?”
She nipped him on the chin. “Don’t push your luck, Kincaid.” His lashes lifted, to reveal warm brown eyes full of languor. “You’re purring.”
“Yeah, so?” She dared him to make something of it.
Of course, since it was Riley, he did. “So I made you purr.” A smug smile.
She frowned. “This is now officially a two-night stand.”
“It’s not night.” He kept stroking her back.
His big, deliciously callused hand felt so good on her that she almost sighed. “You know what I mean.”
“Why?” The lazy lover was rapidly being replaced by the Riley she knew and . . . lived to irritate.
“Okay,” she said, “maybe you’re not the spawn of Satan as I originally thought—”
“But”—she glared at him for the interruption—“you’d be hell to be in a relationship with. HELL. In capital letters.”

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