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“Do you have a girlfriend?” Grandma Frida asked.
I put my hand over my face.
“No,” Mad Rogan said.
“A boyfriend?” Grandma Frida asked.
“What about . . .”
“No,” Mom and I said in unison.
“But you don’t even know what I wanted to ask!”
“No,” we said again together.
“Party poopers.” Grandma shrugged.

Chapter 10


“Mom?” Mother turned to Grandmother.
“She’s going to lunch with her kidnapper!”
“Take a picture for me,” Grandma said.

Chapter 6

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"Why couldn’t I have found someone who is solid and normal and not whatever the hell he is?”
“I don’t know.” Mom spread her arms. I squinted at her.
“You’re an adult.”
“You’re an adult too.”
“But you’re an older adult. You’ve had more practice.”
Mom leaned back and laughed.

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“Leon,”Mom said. “A man is a man because he has a set of principles. He has lines he doesn’t cross. It shows discipline, commitment, and willpower to do the job. A man is someone who can be relied upon because he holds himself to a higher standard. That’s how you get respect. You need to sit down and figure out where your lines are, or you will grow up to be one of these assholes everyone despises because they would strangle their own relatives for money.”She looked at my two sisters. “The same goes for you. I said man because I was talking to him, so take the same speech, put woman in it, and use it to come up with some guidelines for yourself.”

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Mom glared at us. “Do you have anything to say for yourselves?”
I opened my mouth. Catalina beat me to it. “You let her get into the helicopter.”
Mom blinked. Catalina almost never got into a fight with anyone except Arabella and me.
“I was taking care of Jessica. You let her run out of the house and climb into the helicopter, Mom. What were we supposed to do? Was I supposed to telepathically make her behave? Were Bern and Nevada supposed to magically make her stop while they were being shot at?”
Mom opened her mouth.
“No,”Catalina said. “I’m sick and tired of everyone making excuses for her. She’s special. She’s under a lot of pressure. She’s a spoiled brat who’s used to getting her way. She acts like a five-year-old and you want all of us to compensate. Well, she’s too old for us to do that. I’m not going to listen to any more of this. I’m done. Seriously, I’m fucking done.”


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“The Mazda is totaled.”
She didn’t even blink. “How did that happen?”
“Enerkinetic barrage mages had us pinned down and Rogan broke it in half and used it as a shield.”
“Are you injured?”
“Not seriously.”
“Is he?”
“Not seriously.”
“Are they hurt?”
“I killed them.”
“So everything is good then.”

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