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”(…)It’s your choice to face your fears or to let them rule over you.”

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Remo tilted his head. “In the past, the king had the right of the first night.”
“Ius primae noctis.”
“Maybe I should establish something like that in Vegas.” Remo chuckled, his eyes scanning the crowd for suitable women. “Bring all your virgins so I can break them.”

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“Your nights are safe. You are safe now, Kiara. Even in the dark there’s nothing you have to fear, no one, because I am there and they will have to go through me. And no one ever has won against me. I am the most dangerous thing in the dark, but you don’t have to fear me.”

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“Everyone has scars. Some are skin deep, others reach beyond that.”

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„What is your definiton of sanity?” I asked. „Societ regards neither you or nor I as sane. We are psychopaths because we enjoy killing. Or are you trying to tell me you feel guilty when you torture and kill?”
Luca shrugged. „Maybe we are psychopaths, but you and Remo make most psychopaths look sane.”

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Luca's mouth curled in distaste as he regarded my brother. „I won't give a woman to you in marriage, Remo. I don't trust you one bit. You are too fucking crazy for my taste.”
„I'm not the one who will marry. It's my brother Nino, and you will find that he's absolutely in control himself. Look at him. Doesn't he look like every mother-in-law's dream?”

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„From what I know, arranged marriages aren't based on emotions. The are based on tradition and rationality. A woman who's given to me in marriage knows what's expected. She'll know it's business. She's a chess piece. And iw can assure you, I will prevent her from ending her life for ad long as her survival is required for peace.”
Fabiano sighed, touching his temple. „Maybe you should keep your thoughts to yourself as well. Most of the shit coming out of your mouth won't set anyone at ease, least of all a woman.”

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„Let's go to bed,” I suggested and stood.
That was obviously the wrong thing to say because the tension in her body returned full force. I sent Fabiano a questioning look. After all, he was the woman whisperer.

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Kiara held her out and Savio carefully took her, and then held her against his chest. Greta's eyes had grown wide but she was still quiet.
„I'm not sure I like the look on your face,” Savio murmured. He bent down to pick up another flower and held it in front of Greta's face. „Here, have another snack.”
With a laugh, Kiara hurried toward Leona. Greta ate that flower as well then peering up at Savio, she pulled her fingers from her mouth and touched Savio's chin.
Savio sighed, his mouth curling in disdain. „Baby spittle on my face, the highlight of my day.”
„You also got a petal in your stubble,” I said.
Savio gave me a long-suffering look. „I worked so hard to earn my street credit. This could ruin everything.”
I raised my eyebrows. „If that bull tattoo didn't ruin your reputation, nothing will.”

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“You can eat my pizza if you are still hungry,” I suggested.
Four heads turned my way.
“There’s nothing dead on it,” Savio said.
“We can change that in a heartbeat,” Nino said dryly.
“I’m sure there are a couple of limbs you don’t need,” Remo added, exchanging a smirk with Nino.

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