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“What‟s it like, working for a Councilor?” [Drew]
“Half the time I‟m rubbing my hands in insane glee at the information I have access to.” [Max]
“And the other half?” [Drew]
“I‟m trying not to fucking murder someone myself — usually Nikita.” [Max]

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“I may be fractured,” she said in blunt response, “but I am not a submissive personality.”
He felt his lips curve, delighted. “Did I say I wanted a submissive? I just want to make sure you don‟t expect one either.”
“Do you know how I see you?” A husky question. “As a tiger who has decided to behave for the time being—I‟m not stupid enough to attempt to leash you.”
The maleness in him settled at the verbal stroking. “I‟ll teach you how to make me come willingly to your hand,” he murmured, pressing a single, gentle kiss to the sweet slope of her neck. “Anytime you want.”

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We don‟t choose our parents. And their mistakes aren‟t our own. You are what you make yourself—don‟t ever forget that.

—Max Shannon in reply to an e-mail from the sole survivor of the Castleton murder-suicide

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“My pack will protect my mate,” Lucas said to Max. “Thanks for the heads-up.”
Max gave a wry smile. “Thanks for not ripping my face off before I could get a word out.”
“It‟s such a pretty face,” the leopard alpha responded, a feline smile warming those feral green eyes, “the women in the office would probably string me up if I messed it up.”
Sophia felt the tension level in the room drop even before Max‟s expression shifted to pure male amusement. “I thought Dorian was considered the fairest of them all.”
It was Sascha who replied. “I don‟t know, Max”—a tight smile, as the empath fought her worry for her mother—“you‟re giving him serious competition. I‟m certain I heard Zara say something about wanting to lick you up like strawberry ice cream.”

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“ I should get accustomed to women hitting on you,” she said. “After all, you are a beautiful man.”
Color flagged Max‟s cheeks. “I‟ll let you—and only you—get away with that. But never in public. Got it?”

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“I guess I never thought about the reality of being mated to an F-Psy.”
Vaughn slapped him on the back. “Ask me sometime about how fucking difficult it is to surprise her with a gift.”

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„How's Jon?”…
Clay grinned. „Still a smartass teenager.”
„So, normal?”
„Yeah. He's got a crush on one of the young dominant females- poor cub. He doesn't realize how nice she's being to him by not kicking his ass.”
Max grinned, relief a crushing wave inside him. „I bet she thinks he's adorable.”
Clay snorted. „I think it's more a case of 'aw damn, he's a baby, I can't hurt him.' ”

Chapter 5

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“Is that the physical type that attracts you?” Aware she should back off, but unable to stop pushing for an answer, Sophia stepped out of the elevator on Vale‟s floor. “Tall, slender, with a fashionable-dress preference?”
Max gestured to the left of the quiet, carpeted corridor. “That‟s his place.” Letting her pass him so she could input the code that would disengage the locks, he pushed open the door.
“And,” he said in a voice that made the tiny hairs on the back of her nape rise in warning as she walked in ahead of him, “the answer to your question is no. That woman didn‟t do it for me.” He pushed the door shut behind them. “Now a small woman with dangerous curves . . . I could bite into her.”
She froze, certain she was misreading the comment, but suddenly very conscious of the way her lower body filled out her jeans. “Detective Shannon,” she said, turning to face him, “you‟re being highly inappropriate.”
His lips kicked up at the corners. “You started it.”

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“You’re starting to read me like a book. By the time we’re sitting in rockers watching our grandchildren play, you’ll know my secrets before I do.”

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Max saw the stranger give him the once-over, recognized it for what it was. Women had been making him offers since before he was legal.

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