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Keigo Higashino: Salvation of a Saint


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'I'll save the details for when we meet, but suffice to say, it 't about your current case.'
Kusanagi sighed. 'You and Utsumi got some secret plan brewing again?'
'If it were a secret, would I be calling you? So do you want to meet or not?'
Arrogant bastard, Kusanagi thought with a dry chuckle.
'Fine. Where do you want me?'
'I'll leave that to you. Just semewhere smoke-free, if you don't mind,' Yukawa said, his tone suggesting that it was irrelevant whether Kusanagi minded or not.

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'Not bones. Fossils,' Yukawa said, finally looking up. He adjusted his glasses with one finger.
'What's the difference? Aren't all dinosaur fossils bones?'
Yukawa's eyes narrowed with mirth. 'That's what I like about you. You never defy expectations. You always say exactly what I think you're going to say.'
'Your point being that I'm an idiot.'

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Even academics come in all types, and that guy in particular's a special case.

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