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CARTER SAID, “I hope you’re ready for werewolf stamina. Like, for real. You’re going to be sore. For days.”

KELLY SAID, “I really wish I hadn’t heard Carter say that. I need to pour bleach on my brain. For days.”

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Gavin said, “You made these.”
“Yeah, man. We did. Not very good, I know, but I’m not exactly the creative type. Joe and Kelly were better at stuff like that, even if Joe tended to eat the glue.”
“I was three!” Joe shouted from somewhere above us.
“And now he’s the Alpha of all,” Gordo muttered. “We’re doomed.”

for you/fill my lungs


“It’s certainly not the interior design choice I would have gone for,” Kelly whispered to him.
“You think? Nothing says ‘welcome to my murder shack’ like skeletons hanging from the ceiling.”
“Is that a jar of eyeballs on the shelf?”
“What? No, don’t be stup—that’s a jar of eyeballs on the shelf. Well, now I’m officially that person that shouldn’t have gone inside the house.”

the third year/not yet

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“Say you actually catch up to him. He’s standing in front of you, demanding to know what the hell you’re doing and why you didn’t listen to him.”
“He’ll be scowling,” I whispered.
Kelly snorted. “Well, yeah. He’s a Livingstone. It’s their default setting. Speaking of, you sure you want to get involved with that?”
I turned over in his lap, looking up at him. “Seemed to work out for Mark okay.”

peter and the wolf/our father

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“Heard every word you said,” Gordo grunted.
“Talking,” Gavin said. “Always talking.”
“It’s genetic,” Gordo said. “They never shut up.”
“Speaking of genetics,” Kelly muttered.
Gavin and Gordo turned their heads at the same time to look at him, eyes narrowed.

scar tissue/broken parts

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“I can’t believe we spent almost a year and drove thousands of miles just to watch you fail at flirting,” Kelly mumbled. He laughed when I punched him in the shoulder.

scar tissue/broken parts

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“You don’t seem to be too hung up on that whole thing.”
“What whole thing?” I asked, pinching Kelly’s side. He squawked angrily, batting my hand away.
Joe shrugged. “That Gavin’s a guy. That your mate is… you know.”
I sighed. “Your gayness is contagious.”

be better/these scars


Kelly texted a couple of hours later. In Maine. Made Robbie wear sunglasses on plane because his eyes wouldn’t stop glowing. Joe almost ate a flight attendant, but I stopped him. Love you.

page seventy-six/fuck some shit up

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“Oh my god,” I said faintly. “I’m going to be straight-up murdered. That’s what’s going on, right? You are taking me out in the middle of the woods to kill me.”
“Nah,” Kelly said. “We’d just do that at the house. Easier to clean up that way.”
That didn’t make me feel any better.

fix you/enigmatic dicks

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