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„(…) I might have a little bit of a temper.” She decided to give the poor man a tiny bit of a warning before he thought she was all beauty and no brawn.
„A little?”

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Kayne might have smiled as she walked away, but the slight flex in his jaw revealed the man she had once thought had to be a saint … wasn't.
Shaking his head when she reached them, Jerry held open the door for them to finally leave. „Four years later, and you're still nothing but trouble, I see, Maria.”
„Whatever do you mean?” She played dumb to match the color of her hair like the world expected of her.
„Save it for the next schmuck. I'm only watching your ass for the next week 'cause there was no one else stupid enough to say yes.”
„Aw, thanks, Jerry.”

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Kayne Evans · Maria Caruso