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Acheron crossed the distance between them. „Is there something I can help with?”
„No,” Kat said petulantly. „You're a man and I hate all of you right now.” He took two steps back.
„Fair enough. Since my presence is obviously causing you pain, I'll take my manhood outside to the terrace, where you can join me if you can overlook my obvious birth defect.”

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Kat megveregette a fiú karját.
– Egy percig se aggódj, Chris. Abban a pillanatban, amikor egy Sony Playstation megtámadja a földet, és elpusztítással fenyegeti, már hívunk is!

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He looked at Kat. “I don’t want you in this fight.”
She growled at him. “Dad—”
“No arguments,” he said, cutting her off. “If Simi stays out of the fight, so do you.”
Sin gave a low, evil laugh. “I’m so glad he’s your father. And that for once we see eye to eye.”
Kat held her finger up to Sin. “You are out of my bedroom tonight. And you …” She turned to Ash. “Just irritate me. Tory is a good friend of mine. If anything goes wrong and you need me, you guys better call. Otherwise, you’re all in the dog house.” She looked back at her husband. “And you’re in it regardless.”

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„Yada yada yada.” Kat slowly enunciated each word before she looked at Sin as if bored by their exchange. „Am I the only one who gets sick of the bad-guy monolgue?” She held her arms out like a zombie and mocked Kessar's accent. „ 'Ooo, I'm the big evil. I'm going to kill you all. Just wait while I bore you to tears whit my egomaniacal bullshit. I'm just a demon windbag who likes to hear himself speak and I'm trying to intimidate you.' ”
She looked back at Kessar and put her arms down. „Really, if that's the case, you need to stop letting your mother dress you funny. It's hard to take anyone serious as a killer when he looks likes an invesment banker. The only part of me that's nervous is my checkbook.”

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Kat laughed. „Who wants to live forever?”
Kish put his hand up. „For the record, I do.”
Sin scowled at him. „Then why do you irritate me so often?”
„Suicidal tendencies are inherent in my species?”

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– Sohasem mondanám el a titkot senkinek, mert ezzel elárulnám őket.
– És ha leírnád?

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„We're ready.”
Stryker scowled at Artemis's voice as she, Athena, Ares, and Hades joined them. „What are you doing here?”
Artemis looked at Kat. „You're not sending my baby into danger without me.”
Ash choked. „Now you discover maternal instinct?”
She narrowed her gaze on him.
„She's always been protective of me,” Kat said with a laugh. „In a very Artemis sort of way.”
„Like a viper nursing eggs,” Stryker added under his breath.
Artemis raked him with a cold, scathing glare. „Did you dare to say something to me?”
„Good to see you again, Grandma.”

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„You're really not right, are you?”
She scoffed. „With my background and genetic makeup, buddy, you're lucky I'm as normal as I am.”
„Point well taken.”

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„Damn it. What have we unleashed?”
She sighed. „Doom, destruction… at least he's not nuclear, right?”
A smile toyed at the edges of Sin's lips. „At this point, who knows?”
Kat beamed. „Oh look, Mr. Positive has come out to play again. Welcome back, Mr. Positive. All the boys and girls have missed you so.”

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Kat sat on the cushioned throne with her long, blond hair gleaming. Her husband, Sin, stood behind her with one hand possessively on her shoulder while Artemis glared at him. Her long, wavy red hair fell around her body, and Ash could tell she was one step away from blasting Sin out of her temple.
„Did I miss something?” Ash asked as he joined them.
Artemis turned on him with a hiss. „Kill Sin already.”
„I would, but I think Kat would miss him.”
„Like I care?”
„Matisera!” Kat said, placing her hand on her distended belly. „Be nice. He is the father of your grandchild.”
Artemis let out a squeal of pain before she flashed out of the room.
„Grandma, grandma, grandma,” Sin said in a very infantile manner.
Ash gave him a droll stare. „Is that really necessary?”
Sin laughed. „Absolutely, and don't pretend for even an instant that you're not loving every minute of it.”
Ash couldn't resist smiling. „Not every single minute.”
Kat rolled her eyes at them. „You two are rotten.”

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