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Kate Daniels (disanthus.com)


Magic Bites cover


Order of Merciful Aid, agent
Mercenary Guild, member

Age: 26
Hair: Dark brown, long.
Eyes: Dark brown, almond shaped, slightly elongated.
Distinguishing marks: Tattoo on left shoulder, Raven holding a bloody sword with words Dar Vorona (Raven’s Gift).
Speciality: Killing things, with much bloodshed. Talking trash, infuriating authority. Driving Beast Lord crazy.



– Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.
– What kind of a woman greets the Beast Lord with 'here, kitty, kitty'? – he asked.
– One of a kind.

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„That's enough,” Mahon roared, startling both of us into silence. „You're acting like children. Curran, you've missed your meditation, and you need one. Kate, there is a punching bag in your room. Make use of it.”
„Why do I have to punch the bag while he meditates?” I mumbled on the way out.
„Because he breaks the bags when he punches them,” Mahon said.

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A quick reconnaissance identified the sound's point of origin, namely my roof, and I went into the yard to get a good look at it. The sun was already up and beginning to grill the ground. I looked at the top of the house and saw the Beast Lord in a torn T-shirt and paintstained jeans. He held a hammer in a very businesslike manner and was applying it to my roof. Derek sat next to him, dutifully passing him shingles.
The world had gone insane.
„Can I ask you a question?” I called.
Curran stopped hammering and looked at me. „Sure.”
„What are you doing on my roof?”
„I'm teaching the kid a valuable skill,” Curran said.

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„Did you get a call from PAD about me?”
„I may have.”
„What did you tell them?”
„I don't recall. I think I mentioned your discipline and ability to follow orders. I may have said something about you being a team player.”
Derek emitted a strangled cough.
„Why?” I demanded.
„It seemed like a good idea at the time.” Curran resumed hammering.
„I'm sorry,” I said into the phone, sticking my finger into my other ear so I could hear. „His Majesty tends to exaggerate things. I'm not a team player. I'm undisciplined and I have a problem with authority. Also, the Beast Lord can't hammer for shit.”
On the roof Derek was laughing his head off.

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It's a reflex. Hear a bell, get food. See an undead, throw a knife. Same thing, really.

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“How much are you lifting?”
“Seven hundred.”
Alrighty then. I will just stand over here, out of your way, and hope you don’t remember my promise to kick your ass.
He grinned. “Wanna spot me?”
“No thanks. How about I just scream verbal encouragements at you?” I took a deep breath and barked. “No pain, no gain! That pain is just weakness leaving your body! Come on! Push! Push! Make that weight your bitch!”

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He lunged for the maps. I grabbed the chair and hit him with it. He went down. I hit him again to make sure he stayed that way, stepped over him, and picked up the maps. “I win.” Now if only the room would stop spinning, I’d be all set.

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Bran snapped into the room in a corkscrew of mist, jerked my robe open and down to clamp my shoulders, and kissed me. His teeth clicked against mine. I kneed him, but he expected it and blocked with his leg. He realized his tongue wouldn’t make it into my mouth and let go. “I’ll still get you,” he promised.
Curran lunged at him and caught tendrils of mist.
I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.
“Did he hurt you?” Curran said.
If my eyes could shoot lightning, I would’ve fried him on the spot. “Depends on how you define hurt. What kind of show are you running here, anyway?”
Curran snarled.
“Very impressive,” I told him. “He can’t hear you.”

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“Why me?” he said finally. “Are you on some sort of mission to fuck up my life?”
“I try my best to avoid you.”
“You’re doing a hell of a job.”
“I honestly don’t mean to cause problems.”
“You don’t cause problems. An unpiloted vampire causes problems. You cause catastrophes.”

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A slow, lazy, carnivorous smile touched Curran’s lips. “Not only will you sleep with me, but you will say ‘please.’”
I stared at him, shocked.
The smile widened. “You will say ‘please’ before and ‘thank you’ after.”

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