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“What are you?” she asked, her nose scrunching as she spoke. “Other than a heart-stopping hot guy with obvious boundary issues and problems with anger management?”
I blinked at her. She thought I was a heart-stopping hot guy? Well, of course she did.

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“We need to talk.”
“I don’t even know who you are, other than being the crazy hot guy from the stairwell. There’s nothing to talk about.”
Seth’s one-sided grin went up another notch. “You think I’m hot.”
My cheeks heated. I had said that, because I was an idiot and tended to babble when I was nervous. “I also said you were crazy.”
“I have subjective hearing, but you and I do need to talk, Josephine.”

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“I didn’t just bring you halfway across the United States, get you to a place that is safe, for you to do something as incredibly stupid as threaten to leave. Do you have a death wish?”
“Do you?” I shot back.
He cocked his head to the side. “That response doesn’t even make sense.”
“Whatever,” I snapped, crossing my arms. “I don’t even like you and I didn’t ask for your opinion.”
“You’re going to get my opinion, like it or not, Joe.” His eyes flashed a bright tawny color. “You’re not going to risk your life because you’re not getting your way.”
“Why do you even care?” I shouted, throwing my hands up. “Seriously? So shut up, Sethie.
Seth drew back as the cut line of his jaw hardened. “You test my patience.”
“Children,” Marcus murmured tiredly.
I tested his? “You make me want to nunchuck you in the throat! But I can’t. Because I don’t know how to use nunchucks!”
His lips twitched, and I swore, if he laughed, I was going to physically hurt him with my bare hands. “Sentinels don’t use nunchucks, Josie.”
“I’ve used nunchucks before,” Solos commented.
Seth cast him a long look. “Seriously? Not helping.”
The Sentinel shrugged, but he was grinning, and not even trying to hide it.
“Then can you help me?” I asked the man. I wasn’t picky.
Seth turned on me. “He is not training you.”
“Stop interjecting yourself where you don’t belong!” I all but shrieked.
Solos made a deep, gruff sound. “Gods…”

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Josie shifted her gaze to mine. “Running sucks.”
“I’ll run with you,” I told her.
Luke patted her shoulder. “So will I.”
“Yay. Can we all hold hands while we run?” she asked.
I snorted. “Let’s pass on that.”
“I think that’s a great idea,” Deacon chimed in. “I’d even run with you guys if we all hold hands.”


“My name is Josie Bethel, and I’m…” My brows knitted. “I’m not quite sure what I am.”
His brows inched up his forehead as he glanced at Seth. The man with the scar chuckled softly and said, “Honey, I don’t think any of us quite know who we are, but that’s probably the strangest introduction I’ve heard in a while.”
Seth stiffened. “I do believe she said her name was ‘Josie,’ and not ‘honey,’ the last time I checked, Solos.”

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My mom was mentally unstable.
Not in the “ha ha, your mom is so cray cray” kind of way, but in the way she was one hundred percent convinced that, twenty years ago, an honest-to-God angel had visited her in the middle of the night and gotten her pregnant with me.

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”(…) You’re my babysitter, right?”

His amber gaze tracked my movement with unnerving intensity. Did he always stare at people like he could see right into their innermost private thoughts? “I prefer the term ‘guard’ over ‘babysitter.’ I’m supposed to keep you alive, not fed and watered and entertained with Disney cartoons.”

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“I like you, Seth.”

He stopped his hand over mine, staying there, as he gave me a lopsided smile. “Guess what?”

“What?” I whispered.

Seth shifted so that his lips brushed mine as he spoke. “I like you too, Josie.”

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Colin stood slowly, drawing Seth’s attention as he brushed off the back of his jeans.
“You again,” Seth stated.
“Yep,” Colin replied without looking up. “Me again.”
“Yay,” murmured Seth.
I sighed. “Did you need something?”
Seth’s attention shifted back to me. “Do I need something to walk over here?”
My fingers curled inward. “Yeah, I think you do.”
“I missed them together,” Deacon said, bending his knees and resting his arms on them. “They’re so warm and fuzzy, don’t you think? So cute.”


Grabbing the Glock loaded with titanium bullets, I hooked it into the holster and fit it around my thigh. I snatched the daggers off the dresser and headed out the door, not even bothering with grabbing a shirt.
I came to a complete stop as Josie’s door swung open.
What in the holy fuck were Alex and Josie doing together? For just a few seconds, the three of us were literally frozen, staring at each other as the sirens blared overhead.
And then Alex broke the silence. “Really?” she said dryly, eyeing me with a smirk. “You’re going to fight with the awesomeness of your six-pack as a weapon?”
I arched a brow. “Yeah, you know, I was going to test out the whole abs of steel theory thing. The gun attached to my thigh and the daggers in my hands are just props. Mainly for show. Don’t want to take away from the gloriousness that is my body, though.”
Her smirk flipped into a grin. “Whatever.” She started forward. Up ahead, a tall figure stepped out in the hall, and light glinted off the titanium daggers in his hands. Aiden. Of course their room had to be close to mine.
Of. Course.