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Focus," I said. Since Jonah kept his gaze on me as he approached, I kept my gaze on him.
„Hello,” he said, eyes dipping to take in the gown, the lace, the skin. „You look nice.”
„Thanks. So do you.”
I felt the burst of Ethan's magic across the tent. Party guests noticed, too, and began whispering, just as if we'd actually broken up. The ruse had played pretty well.
„If you touch her,” said a familiar voice in my earpiece, „you'll lose something more precious than a finger.”

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Jonah and Catcher shared one of those manly, “It’s nice to meet you, but I’m going to barely acknowledge your existence with a small nod because that’s the manly thing to do” gestures

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He stood in the threshold of my room as I sent Catcher a message. I wasn't exactly thrilled with Catcher right now, but I wanted a non-vamp to know I was heading into fairy territory. His response was nearly immediate: YOUR FUNERAL.

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“Liege,” Jonah said, “as your captain, I’m going to request you move into a safer position.”
“Request it all you want, Red,” Scott told him, a mirthless smile on his face. “But that’s not going to stop me from putting these dumbshits in their places. That’s what they get for doing V.”
Ditto what he said, Sentinel, Ethan silently told me. I suppose he wasn’t going to let me argue he should just sit this one out.

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And if you have any doubt that she would put power and gain above the welfare of her friends, her collegaues, her family, then she's the one who needs a new partner."

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