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Megint megcsörrent a telefon.
Felmordultam, és ismét kicsörtettem a nappaliba vizesen.
– Mi van?
– Valami elmebeteg hívott ma reggel – morogta Jim.
– Bocsáss meg, ha esetleg megzavartam a szépségedet elősegítő relaxációs szeánszodat! – hördültem fel.
– Mégis mi a francért kerestél?
– Szeretném, ha nyitva tartanád a szemed, és beszámolnál nekem a Falkában történt gyilkosságokról: helyszín, idő, és a többi.
– Tudod, hogy ezek szigorúan bizalmas információk. Mégis mit képzelsz, ki vagy te?
– Én vagyok az egyetlen, akit érdekel ez az ügy! Nézz ki az ablakon! Talán úgy tűnik, mintha tolonganának az emberek azért, hogy megmentsék a ti szőrös seggeteket?
Lecsaptam a telefont, és visszamentem zuhanyozni.

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“You’ll need seven fighters.”
I made writing motions. Everybody except the doctor looked for a pencil.
“I’ve never seen such a collection of idiots in my whole life.” Doolittle shook his head. “If you participate in this lunacy, y’all will get yourselves killed. Then don’t come crying to me.”


“We need a team name.”
“Hunters,” Raphael said.
“Valiant Knights of the Fur,” Dali said.
“Justice Group,” Jim said. “Since Justice League is taken.”
“Fools.” Doolittle shook his head.
“Fools,” I said into the receiver.


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" (…) Curran told him very casually that if Jim wanted to pick fights with his future mate, he was welcome to do so, but he should keep in mind that Curran wouldn’t come and rescue him when you beat his ass. You should’ve seen Jim’s face.”
“His what?”
“His mate. M-A-T-E.”
I cursed.
Andrea grinned. “I thought that would make your day. And now you’re stuck with him in here for three days and you get to fight together in the Arena. It’s so romantic. Like a honeymoon.”
Once again my mental conditioning came in handy. I didn’t strangle her on the spot.

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“Please relay my greetings to the Beast Lord,” I said. “I appreciate his willingness to alter his extremely busy schedule and make an appearance.”
Curran showed no emotion. No gloating, no anger, nothing at all. Jim looked at me, looked at Curran, looked back at me again. “Kate says hi,” he said finally.
“I’m ecstatic,” Curran said.

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“Kate makes good sausage,” Jim said.
Six pairs of eyes stared at me. Thank you, Mr. Wonderful. Just what I needed.
“Oh yeah.” Andrea snapped her fingers. “The links? The ones we had the beginning of the month? I didn’t know you made those. I thought they were bought. They were so good.” Her smile was positively cherubic. Of all the times not to be able to shoot laser beams out of my eyes . . .
“What do you put into your sausage, Kate?” Raphael wanted to know, giving me a perfectly innocent look.
Werejaguars with big mouths with a pinch of werehyena thrown in. “Venison and rabbit.”
“That sounds like some fine sausage,” Doolittle said. “Will you share the recipe?”
“I had no idea you were a sausage expert,” Curran said with a completely straight face.
Die, die, die, die. . . .
Even Derek cracked a smile. Raphael put his head down on the table and jerked a little.
“Is he choking?” Dali asked, wrinkling her forehead.
“No, he just needs a moment,” Curran said. “Young bouda males. Easily excitable.”

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“What did you write on here? ‘Don’t die’?”
“No, I wrote, ‘Don’t be an a-hole!’” I headed for the house.
“On yours or mine?”
“On yours.”
“Well, in that case, your magic isn’t working. I’m still an asshole.”

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Jim waited for us at the Gold Gate. His teeth were bared. “What happened to barely winning?”
“You said sloppy! Look, I didn’t even use my sword; I hit him with my head, like a moron.”
“A man with a sword attacked you and you disarmed him and knocked him out cold in under two seconds.” He turned to Curran.
The Beast Lord shrugged. “It’s not my fault that he didn’t know how to fall.”
Jim’s gaze slid from Curran to Dali. “What the hell was that?”
“Crimson Jaws of Death.”
“And were you planning on letting me know that you can turn people’s elbows backward?”
“I told you I did curses.”
“You said they don’t work!”
“I said they don’t always work. This one worked apparently.” Dali wrinkled her forehead. “It’s not like I ever get to use them against live opponents anyway. It was an accident.”
Jim looked at us. The clipboard snapped in his hands. He turned around and very deliberately walked away.
“I think we hurt his feelings.” Dali looked at his retreating back, sighed, and went after him.
Curran looked at me. “What the hell was I supposed to do, catch the werebison as he was falling?”

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Hey!” Jim barked.
“What?” Curran and I said at almost the same time.
Jim looked at me. “Did you make him dinner?”
He’d find out sooner or later. “Yes.”
Jim turned on his foot, went out of the room, and shut the door behind him.
Alrighty, then.

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“Kate?” Jim said into the phone. Jim looked like he broke bones for a living, but his voice was heavenly. “What the hell took you so long?”
“You say the sweetest things to me, honey bear,” I told him.

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We reached the doors and I presented the crew passes to the outside guards. They waved us on to Rene’s welcoming arms. Recognition sparked in her eyes. She surveyed Jim and turned to me.
“Congratulations, love. You traded up. Does he treat you well?”
“He’s a teddy bear,” I said.
Teddy bear looked like he was suffering from murder withdrawal.

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