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SnowDancer Alpha
heart and soul of the pack
became alpha at 15
the alpha of the wild wolves in his range, as well
believes the girl destined to be his mate, Rissa, died years before
father Tristan taken and experimented on by the Psy, broken
mother Aren a submissive wolf who could not live without her mate
mother a submissive
no blood relations, all of his family died when he was young
believes he will remain mateless
ruthless, his only loyalty is to his pack
a complete predator to the core
iron will and self control
filled with tightly controlled pure, unadulterated rage
deep hatred of the Psy Council
the one who most closely resembles his beast in human form
his wolf is always close to the surface
senses are more acute than even other changelings
tall and heavily muscled, over 200 pounds
silver-gold hair, eyes the same icy blue in wolf or human form, warm honey skin
shifts into a huge white wolf, with icy blue eyes
early thirties
mate of Sienna Lauren



“Talk to me, pretty baby.” Yeah, he was having trouble with the boundaries when it came to Sienna, even when he was the one who’d put them into place.
Brenna’s voice came over the line. “You sweet talker.” The words were tart.
His wolf grinned. “Put her on.”

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“You will be good to her.” Not a statement, but an order.
Hawke’s wolf stirred. “Do you think I’d be otherwise?”
“If I did, you’d be dead.”
It was Judd who’d been the assassin, but Hawke had the sudden, crystal-clear realization that when it came to Sienna, Toby, and Marlee, it was Walker who was more dangerous. “Understood.” If he had a daughter, he’d kill any man who dared hurt her. And whatever their actual relationship, Walker was the closest Sienna had to a father.
Now Walker gave a clipped nod. “Then we’re clear.” Turning on his heel, he walked back to his quarters.
Hawke’s wolf shook its head, staring after the Psy male with pale green eyes. “You told me you were a teacher in the Net.”
The man looked over his shoulder. “I was. You never asked me who I taught.” The door closed.

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You have the power to tear me to pieces, to wound me so deep and true that I‘ll never recover. What Rissa‘s death did to the boy I was? You have the ability to do a thousand times worse to the man I‘ve become.

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“Sascha, Naya wants the Toy That Shall Not Be Named. Did you forget to pack it?”
Sascha’s lips twitched, the shadows lifting at the sight of the two of them. “In the side pocket of the bag. I put it in at the last minute.”
Kit disappeared, then appeared with the fluffy little wolf in his free hand.
“You’re still growling,” she pointed out to her green-eyed panther.
“Why?” Lucas snarled. “Of all the things in the world she could’ve become attached to, why did my otherwise brilliant daughter pick that damn wolf’s stupid gift?”

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perpetua P

– But as your friend, I say go for it . . . Women who get to you that deep don’t come along more than once in a lifetime.

34. fejezet

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“I hate that we’ve got this massive gap where the satellites can spy on us.”
“It’ s on the edge of the territory,” Riaz pointed out. “Unless you plan to put on a ballet performance while covered in nothing but chicken feathers, they aren’t going to see anything interesting.”
“Damn,” Hawke said with a straight face. “And here I’d already plucked the chickens.”

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It would’ve been easier if she’d been someone else, a woman who followed his every dictate and who never put herself in harm’s way. But he didn’t want easier, didn’t want anyone else. He wanted Sienna. Only Sienna.

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“You sound scared.”
“Any man not scared of a bunch of maternals ganging up on him needs his head examined.

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“Drew suggested dancing girls.”
Hawke grinned. “How many?”
Riley shot him an unamused look.
“Don’t encourage him or I swear to God I will hire a troop of strippers, complete with spangled pasties, and watch cheerfully while Sienna barbecues you.”

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Hawke’s wolf huffed in laughter, thinking of the secret stash of “I love Judd” T-shirts and buttons Drew had purchased for everyone to wear at the next lieutenant meeting. “I’m thinking of making you my new PR person.”
“I’d hate to turn my niece into a widow so soon,” was the cool answer.

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