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Leigh Bardugo: Ninth House



„All of the books from the collection crowded into the library at once and the floor collapsed on Chester Vance, Oculus.”
„Jesus, that's horrible.”
„I don't know,” Darlington had sad meditatively. „Suffocating beneath a pile of books seems an aprropriate way to go for a research assistant.”

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“You’re in terrible shape.”
“And you’re an asshole.”
“Then we both have hardships to overcome. You asked me to tell you what you were getting into. Now you know.”
She yanked her arm away. “Tell me. Not try to kill me.”


Beneath the Lethe requirements, an addendum read: Standards for candidates have been relaxed in two circumstances: Lowell Scott (B.A., English, 1909) and Sinclair Bell Braverman (no degree, 1950), with mixed results.
Another note had been scratched into the margin here, this one clearly in Darlington’s jagged, EKG-like scrawl: Alex Stern.

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“Do we ever have to fight demons?”
“Absolutely not. Demons are confined to some kind of hellscape behind the Veil, and the ones that do manage to push through are far above our pay grade.”
“What pay grade?”


Darlington liked to say that dealing with ghosts was like riding the subway: Do not make eye contact. Do not smile. Do not engage. Otherwise, you never know what might follow you home.

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