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Jennifer L. Armentrout: Obsidian
Jennifer L. Armentrout: Shadows
Jennifer L. Armentrout: Onyx
Jennifer L. Armentrout: Opal (angol)
J. L. Armentrout: Obszidián
Jennifer L. Armentrout: Obsession
Jennifer L. Armentrout: Origin (angol)
J. L. Armentrout: Ónix
Jennifer L. Armentrout: Opposition
J. L. Armentrout: Opál
J. L. Armentrout: Origin
Rácz-Stefán Tibor: Fogadj el!
J. L. Armentrout: Opposition – Ellenállás
Jennifer L. Armentrout: Oblivion
J. L. Armentrout: Shadows – Árnyak
J. L. Armentrout: Oblivion – Feledés
J. L. Armentrout: Obsession – Függőség
J. L. Armentrout: Oblivion – Feledés 2.
J. L. Armentrout: Oblivion – Feledés 3.
Rácz-Stefán Tibor: Mikrofonpróba
Jennifer L. Armentrout: The Darkest Star
Jennifer L. Armentrout: The Burning Shadow
Jennifer L. Armentrout: The Darkest Star – A legsötétebb csillag
Jennifer L. Armentrout: The Brightest Night

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A halálesetek, nos, egyre szaporodtak. Elég nehéz volt nem a szívemre venni őket. Hogy hibáztattam-e magamat? A pokolba, dehogyis. Hogy feldühített-e? Talán azt kívántam, bárcsak fellocsolhatnám gázolajjal az egész helyet, aztán bedobhatnék néhány égő gyufát? A pokolba, igen.

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„How long have you been standing there?”

„Just long enough to see you give Daemon the middle finger.”

„He deserved it,” I grumbled, dropping my backpack on the floor.

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„Are you having a good time with… Ash?”

„Are you having a good time with Happy Hands?”

I bit down on my lip. „Such a constant smartass.”

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Daemon almost sounded deep. “Is some crazy dude going to run out of your house and yell at you for talking to me?”
“Not right now, but there is always later.”
I wasn’t sure if he was being serious or not. “I’m okay missing ‘later.’”
“Yeah. Busy?”
“Other than messing with my blog, no.”
“You have a blog?” He faced me, leaning back against the post. Derision pinched his features.
He’d said blog like it was a crack habit. “Yeah, I have a blog.”
“What’s your blog’s name?”
“None of your business,” I said, smiling sweetly.
“Interesting name.” He returned my smile with a half grin. “So what do you blog about? Knitting? Puzzles? Being lonely?”
“Ha. Ha, smartass.” I sighed. “I review books.”
“Do you get paid for them?”
I laughed out loud at that. “No. Not at all.”
Daemon seemed confused by that. “So you review books and you don’t get paid if someone buys a book based on your review?”
“I don’t review books to get paid or anything.” Although that would be sweet, which reminded me I needed to get a library card. “I do it because I like it. I love reading, and I enjoy talking about books.”
“What kind of books do you read?”
“All different kinds.” I leaned against the post opposite of him, craning my neck back to meet his steady gaze. “Mainly I prefer the paranormal stuff.”
“Vampires and werewolves?”
Man, how many questions could he ask? “Yeah.”
“Ghosts and aliens?”
“Ghost stories are cool, but I don’t know about aliens. ET really doesn’t do it for me and a lot of readers.”
One single eyebrow arched. “What does it for you?”
“Not slimy green space creatures,” I replied. “Anyway, I also appreciate graphic novels, history stuff—”
“You read graphic novels?” Disbelief colored his tone. “Seriously?”
I nodded. “Yeah, so what? Are girls not supposed to like graphic novels and comics?”
He stared at me a long moment, then jerked his chin toward the woods.
“Want to go on a hike?”
“Uh, you know I’m not good with the whole hiking thing,” I reminded him.
A grin appeared. There was an edge to it. Rough. Sexy. “I’m not taking you up on the Rocks. Just a harmless little trail. I’m sure you can handle it.”

Chapter 7

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Egy örökkévalóságnak tűnt, mire végre beértem a városba, és biztos, hogy az úton minden csigalassú seggfej elém került. Nehéz esőcseppek fröccsentek szét a szélvédőn. Amint az eső rákezdett, mindenki elvesztette a képességét, hogy harmincötnél többel vezessen.

119. oldal

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Out of all the paranormal books I'd read and reviewed, no one glowed like this. Some glittered in the light. Others had wings. No one was a freaking giant sun.

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„Well, I know Katy doesn't have plans tomorrow.” She glanced at me, and I could practically see her envisioning Daemon and my future children. My mom was not normal.

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