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The Impala was all Sam and Dean had. While they were welcome at Bobby's and it was a sanctuary for them, it wasn't their home. The Impala, though, was.


He loved his brother more than anything in the world – expect maybe the Impala

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„You'll see it.”
„She was nice,” Sam said when they reached the black Impala and were safely out of her range of hearing.
„She was hot.”
„Sure, I guess.”
„Don't tell me you didn't see it.”
„More your type than mine, I guess.”
„She was hot,” Dean reiterated. „Trust me.”

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1997, January 24
I gave Dean the Impala today for his eighteenth birthday. The car is 30 years old now, amazing it runs as well as it does. I’ve taught Dean a lot of what I know about working on cars, which was everything until 1983. Haven’t kept up since then, all the computers and emissions spaghetti drives me nuts. Give me a fat 327, no electronics, just pistons, crankshaft, and a gas pedal. That’s a car. And now it’s my son’s. He knows I’ll still be driving it, but he’s a man now, and since he’s already made his share of kills, this was the only rite of passage I could think of. He goddamn well better take care of it.

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Az autósmoziban már ott van Amanda és Roamer. Roamer kocsijával jöttek, ami egy 67-es Chevy Impala, akkora, mint egy ház.

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– Tudtátok, hogy az Odaátban azèrt Chevy Impalával furikáznak, mert annak belefèr a csomagtartójába egy holttest? – kèrdezte

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