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George R. R. Martin – Elio M. García Jr – Linda Antonsson: A tűz és jég világa
George R. R. Martin – Elio M. García, Jr. – Linda Antonsson: The World of Ice and Fire

forrás: A tűz és jég világa



Annyit tudni biztosan, hogy valamikor a Hősök Kora idején a Casterlyk eltűnnek a krónikákból, és az addig ismeretlen Lannisterek lépnek a helyükbe, Casterly-hegy és a Nyugatvidék egy jókora darabjának uraiként.

196. oldal

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The Westeros of Aegon’s youth was divided into seven quarrelsome kingdoms, and there was hardly a time when two or three of these kingdoms were not at war with one another. The vast, cold, stony North was ruled by the Starks of Winterfell. In the deserts of Dorne, the Martell princes held sway. The gold-rich westerlands were ruled by the Lannisters of Casterly Rock, the fertile Reach by the Gardeners of Highgarden. The Vale, the Fingers, and the Mountains of the Moon belonged to House Arryn … but the most belligerent kings of Aegon’s time were the two whose realms lay closest to Dragonstone, Harren the Black and Argilac the Arrogant.

33. oldal - THE REIGN OF THE DRAGONS - The Conquest