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The combination of sleepless eyelids and a physics book was deadly.

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“I just found this kid and was trying to help her find her lost mother.”
“No way. This kid’s the one who’s lost.”
“Mommy’s lost,” the little girl said firmly.”

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„We should kiss.”
She was always teasing me like that. But not long after she said those words, she disappeared.

You could say this is just a typical love story. Me. A girl. Girls. That's all there is to it, really.

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“Thanks for getting me up, Kaede. You really saved me.”
“Waking you up is what I live for!”
Her smile was adorable but didn’t motivate him to heap more praise on her.
“You need to find other sources of joy in life.”
“Like washing your back for you?”
“Sources unrelated to me.”
“No thanks.”

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“I’m gonna take a bath,” Mai announced, sitting up.
“Go right ahead.”
“No peeping.”
“Don’t worry. I get three meals worth on the sounds of the shower alone.”
Mai pointed silently at the door. A clear sign for him to leave.
“Allowing a younger boy to hear the sounds of your shower and writhe inagony is a pleasure reserved for the confident older woman.”
“F-fine! I knew that. Obviously.” Mai snorted like she’d always intendedas much. “Just don’t do anything weird out here.”
“Weird how?”
He knew what she meant, of course.
“By weird, I mean weird! Don’t make me spell it out!”

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“Azusagawa, are you insane?” inquired Rio, turning around.
“Why, exactly?”
“The fact that you even have to ask…”
“Please elaborate.”
“A child could get this one.”
Children these days were very perceptive. The country’s future was secure.

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