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Kasie West: By Your Side


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Stop," I said.
He took a step closer. I threw the book at him. He dodged it. I picked up another from a nearby shelf and threw it. It hit his shoulder.
He held his hands over his head. „Really?”
„I already called the cops,” I said.
He cussed. I threw another book. „So just leave me alone. They'll be here any second.”
We were closer now, one of the lamps I'd turned on earlier glowing to our right. That's when I realized I recognized him.
I gasped. „Dax?”
„Do I know you?”

17-18. oldal, 3. fejezet

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I was locked in the library trying not to panic. Literally locked. As in, no escape. Every door, every window, every air vent. Okay, I hadn't tried the air vents, but I was seriously considering it. I wasn't desperate enough . . . yet.

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