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Kresley Cole: Poison Princess
Kresley Cole: Endless Knight
Kresley Cole: Dead of Winter
Kresley Cole: Poison Princess – Méreghercegnő
Kresley Cole: Endless Knight – Végtelen lovag
Kresley Cole: Day Zero
Kresley Cole: Arcana Rising

His real name is Aric.
He won the last three games.
He was born in Latvia.
His touch is deadly for everyone, except for the Empress.
He is 23 years old now.

„Death was the most beautiful boy I had ever imagined. Looking to be no more than twenty years old, he was tall and broad-shouldered with a breathtaking face. I imagined some might describe his features as noble. His eyes glittered like… stars.” – Poison Princess

„His masculine features are even and bold, with a proud brow and nose. His tanned skin and light blond hair make his amber eyes stand out.” – Endless Knight



“She said she was raised for this. I guess she can’t help it.” I couldn’t believe I was taking up for Selena. I turned to Matthew. “What’d you tell her to get her on my side?”

“The future. If she kills you, Death stabs her in the eye with her own arrow.”

“Such a lovely guy.”


“What’s immortal life like?”




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My relationship with Jackson had felt fated. Whatever I had with Aric felt . . . endless.


“Well, aren’t you a good wittle doggie, Ogen?” I said. “You know how to sit, stay, and hush even better than Lark’s wolves.”
He stared, disbelieving that I’d just insulted him like that. “I am the DESECRATOR! I sit upon Lucifer’s knee!”
“That makes total sense, Scooby.”
With a puzzled expression, Death said, “You taunt him at your peril.”
“What’s he going to do? Kill me?” Over my shoulder I told Ogen, “Get in line, dick.”


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“My name?” Staring out into the night, he murmured, “I was called Aric. It means a ruler, forever alone.

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“So that’s where you got those crowns.” Trying to keep things light, I said, “Admit it—you wear them when no one’s around. Play air tennis with the scepters?”
“No, Empress. I do not.”
“Can I, can I?”
On the verge of grinning, he said, “No, Empress, you may not.”
After that we talked more freely, the ice broken. I asked him which of the languages he spoke were hardest to learn (“Arabic, or possibly Hungarian”) and whether he watched TV (“Not if I can help it”).


I now have nothing to lose, no reason to live in fear of him. Watch your six, Reaper, I’m on the hunt.
A rasping chuckle. —Your Death awaits.—

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What sounded like an explosion boomed above us. I jumped and glanced to one side as more gigantic hail plummeted from the sky. Facing him again, I promised, “I’m not going anywhere without you, Aric.”
Confusion. “Why?”
“Because I love you.”


“Aside from you, I have no quarrel with the mortal. He’s an uncouth drunkard who slaughters the English language every time he attempts it, but I probably wouldn’t kill him just for that.”

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0. The Fool, Gamekeeper of Old (Matthew)
I. The Magician, Master of Illusions (Finneas)
II. The Priestess, Ruler of the Deep (Circe)
III. The Empress, Our Lady of Thorns (Evie)
IV. The Emperor, Stone Overlord (Richter)
V. The Hierophant, He of the Dark Rites (Guthrie)
VI. The Lovers, Duke & Duchess Most Perverse (Vincent and Violet)
VII. The Centurion, Wicked Champion (Kentarch)
VIII. Strength, Mistress of Fauna (Lark)
IX. The Hermit, Master of Alchemy (Arthur)
X. Fortune, Lady of Chance (Zara)
XI. The Fury, She Who Harrows (Spite)
XII. The Hanged Man, Our Lord Uncanny
XIII. Death, the Endless Knight (Aric)
XIV. Temperance, Collectress of Sins (Calanthe)
XV. The Devil, Foul Desecrator (Ogen)
XVI. The Tower, Lord of Lightning (Joules)
XVII. The Star, Arcane Navigator (Stellan)
XVIII. The Moon, Bringer of Doubt (Selena)
XIX. The Sun, Hail the Glorious Illuminator (Sol)
XX. Judgment, the Archangel (Gabriel)
XXI. The World, This Unearthly One (Tess)