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Nalini Singh: Caressed by Ice
Nalini Singh: Branded by Fire
Nalini Singh: Play of Passion
Nalini Singh: Kiss of Snow
Nalini Singh: Borzongás
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He didn‟t count on Ben.
The five-year-old barreled around the corner and wrapped his baby-soft arms around Andrew‟s legs. “Drew!” A shining face lifted up to his, absolute trust in those dark, button brown eyes.
Andrew could no more squelch that joy than he could cut Indy out of his heart. “Mr. Ben.”
Bending, he picked the sweet-natured boy up and turned him upside down.
Ben‟s delighted laughter attracted the attention of passing packmates, made smiles break out on their faces. Andrew smiled, too, but his heart was too bruised to make it real. Turning Ben right side up, he settled the boy on his arm, his eyes on Ben‟s soft fleece pajamas. “Did you escape bedtime?” He began heading toward Ben‟s home.
A nod, one arm companionably around his neck. “You‟re taking me back.”
Ben tumbled out of his room then, running as fast as his little legs would take him. When Andrew crouched in front of him, the boy handed over a tiny object. It was an action figure of a man in a blue jumpsuit sporting improbable muscles. “Thanks.”
“It makes me happy when I play with it.” Ben tapped him on the cheek with one baby-soft palm.
“Don‟t be sad, Drew.”
Andrew looked into those shining eyes and wondered who Ben was going to grow into.
Whoever that man was, Andrew had a feeling the whole pack would be damned proud of him.

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Andrew was waiting for her by the open door. His eyes were twinkling. “Hello, future sister-in-law.”
“Out of my way, shrimp.”
“My heart bleeds.” He put a hand to said heart, melodramatic in the way only younger brothers could be.
“Are you the reason Riley almost ripped off my head a few minutes ago?”
“None of your business.” She pushed past him. “Show me the way to his quarters.”
“Shouldn’t you talk to Hawke, make sure it’s alright for you to be up here?”
“Drew, today is really not a good day to mess with me.” Andrew walked beside her, pointing left when they reached a fork in the tunnels that made up the den.
“In that case, rest assured I’ll take care of the formalities.”
“Thanks.” She shot him a suspicious look. “Why are you being so helpful?”
He shrugged. “I like my brother. And I especially like watching him off balance.” An evil grin. “You and he are the best entertainment I’ve had in years.”
“Why hasn’t Riley killed you yet?”
“I keep bouncing back.” A shrug, wide-eyed innocence.

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[Riley] Great. If Drew was nosy, then Bren was relentless. “You have no life, Drew.”
“Then you won’t mind if I stick my nose into yours.”

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She [Indigo] pushed back her hair. “I give up. Stay here. Die of blood loss. I‟m going to go slip into a nice warm bath and eat the slice of New York cheesecake I bribed Lucy to sneak up to me past the ravaging hordes.”
“You have cheesecake?” He prowled over to crouch by her. It was hard, so fucking hard, to pretend this was only a game, to play with her, when al he wanted to do was bury his face in her neck and just . . . be. “Wil you share if I come back?”

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– A szaglásomat nem vesztettem el, amikor elraboltak, csak az eszem felét.
Andrew arca megrándult.
– Te jó ég, de szemét tudsz lenni, ha zabos vagy.

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“You knew exactly what you were doing from the instant you learned to walk. What that pup just tried? The Great Escape? Well, you succeeded nine times out of ten, and you did it by being so completely sweet and well behaved that no one thought to keep an eye on you.” Another tug, a little harder. “Do you know how many times I had to go chasing after you?” [Tarah]
“Sorry?” [Drew]

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“What‟s it like, working for a Councilor?” [Drew]
“Half the time I‟m rubbing my hands in insane glee at the information I have access to.” [Max]
“And the other half?” [Drew]
“I‟m trying not to fucking murder someone myself — usually Nikita.” [Max]

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“As of right now, you‟re off shift for the next forty-eight hours. Go play your favorite game.”
Feeling the hum of anticipation in his belly, Andrew gave his alpha an innocent smile. “I have no idea what you mean.”
Hawke pointed a finger at him. “I want my calm, collected lieutenant back by the end of the week, or I'm packing you in a box and shipping you to fucking Siberia.”
Andrew grinned. “I hear it's nice there this time of year.”

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Emmett gave a slow smile as he answered, and Ria jumped a little.
Andrew saw Indigo bite back a grin as the other woman‟s cheeks colored. “You'll have to excuse Emmett,” Ria said in a laughter-choked voice, “he‟s absolutely uncivilized. Can‟t take him out in publi—Emmett! ”
Andrew dipped his head toward Indigo. “What do you think he's doing under the table?” he whispered in her ear, even as he slid his own hand up her thigh.
“Don't get ideas, hotshot.”

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Andrew elnézett Dorian válla felett.
– Érzem a nő illatát.
– Ne!
A fiatalabb hím elmosolyodott.
– Rajtad is ott a nyoma. Tényleg olyan szexi, mint amilyen az illata?
Dorian tudta, hogy Andrew szándékosan hergeli őt.
– Miért nem jössz közelebb, és nézed meg magad?
– Hülyének látszom?
– Farkas vagy.

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