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Adi Gallia egy nő tholothi jedi mester volt a Galaktikus Köztársaság alkonyán. Gallia a Jedi Nagytanács megbecsült tagja volt, aki az irányítótestületben a klónok háborúja előtt és annak jó részében tevékenykedett. Bár koréliai szülők gyermeke volt, Gallia mester híres volt a tholothi hajdíszéről, ami azt sugallta, hogy ősei a Tholoth bolygóról származtak.



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More important, Zora was a former friend of Obi-Wan's. Her former name was Siri. She had been in Temple training with Obi-Wan, just a year behind. He had known her well, or as well as anyone could know her. Her deepest emotions were known only to herself. The two of them had been on missions together as Padawans. Chosen by Council member Adi Gallia as an apprentice, Siri had been acutely intelligent and scrupulously mindful of Jedi rules.
Her loyalty to Adi Gallia was unquestioned…until they had fallen into a severe disagreement. Adi Gallia was known for her intuition, but not necessarily her warmth. She had taken the most severe path a Master could – she had cut loose her Padawan without recommend her for full Jedi status. Furious, Siri had left the Temple abruptly. Obi-Wan had tried to find her, but she had cut off any contact with the Temple. She had wandered the galaxy. Without her Jedi family, without any ties, she had fallen into bad company. And now she was using her skills to work with Krayn. It was astonishing transformation, but Qui-Gon had taught Obi-Wan that he should not be suprised by the dark forces that battled within every being. Siri had battled her dark side and lost.

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(…) a Jedi Tanács tizenegy tagja gyűlt össze a torony csúcsán lévő teremben. Adi Gallia széke üres maradt.
Mace Windu szóra nyitotta a száját, ám ebben a pilanatban Ki-Adi-Mundi lépett ki a turbóliftből.

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„Masters, if there is no death, only the Force, is it wrong to feel grief when someone dies?”
„What we miss is the sound of the voice, the touch of a hand, a laugh, hearing their wisdom, all the little things. It is good to mourn them. If those who die meant nothing to us…we would not mourn them.”

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„One more thing,” Adi Gallia added. „The mission to Corulag is more important than I'd imagined. Yoda came with Mace Windu.”
Hearing this information, Obi-Wan's face went red. There was no longer any doubt in his mind that he should have stayed on Coruscant as Mace Windu had instructed. Obi-Wan had already been uneasy about confronting Yoda, but the prospect of also facing Mace Windu filled him with something resembling dread. He looked at Qui-Gon and said, „I don't suppose you'll let me off here”

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„Master Qui-Gon has told me that you saved his life last year, but he has not told me the details. I thought perhaps you might tell me of the incident.”
Adi Gallia looked confused, and turned to Obi-Wan's Master. "Qui-Gon? What's this about me saving your life last year?
„Remember the official banquet for the Hewett senators?” Qui-Gon asked. „You stopped me before I took a bite of Konkeel pie.”
„What?” Obi-Wan exclaimed. „You mean…Master Adi simply prevented you from eating dessert?”
„Konkeel pie is highly toxic to humanoids, ” Adi Gallia stated. „The Hewett senators apologized and removed it from their menu.”
Qui-Gon looked at Obi-Wan and remarked, „People have died from eating it.”
„Oh,” said Obi-Wan.

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„With all of us may the be…”
„…and may the peace of this temple be ours…”
„…a place open to tought and speech….”
„…a realm of mutual respect…”
„…and a haven of shared noble purpose…”
„…let us take our seats together, with no one above the others.”

„May the work together in trust, free from the restraints of ego and jealousy, at this gathering and all others to come.”

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„It is good to have you with us, Tholme, although I wish the circumstances were better. Especially since we do not enjoy the benefit of either Adi Gallia or Tyvokka.”
„He's dead. Why can't we simply say Tyvokka is dead?”
„There is no death, young padawan – only the Force. We've discussed this…Quinlan!”
„Obi-Wan, follow Quinlan and make sure he doesn't get lost in the tunnels.”
„My apologies, that was unspeakably rude.”
„Every Jedi has their own problems with one or more of the tenets. This is Quinlan's. In time, he will find the truth.”
„I hope you are right but I fear this is something that will always be with him.”

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„…And I know now that I will not always be strong. I will not afraid to recognize when I am weak.”
„An important lesson for Padawans,” Adi said, overhearing them. Obi-van threw a glance at Qui-Gon. „And for stubborn Masters.”
Qui-Gon took a placid sip of tea. „I have no idea who you mean,” he said, his eyes twinkling.

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Being a Master was difficult for Qui-Gon. Pride in his Padawan battled with the need to be stern. He saw so much potencial in Obi-Wan. He wanted to mold this being into a better Jedi than he was himself. He was impatient with himself as often as he was impatient with Obi-Wan. He saw that Adi was right: When he was stern with Obi-Wan, it was sometimes, because he saw his own mistakes in the boy.

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„We've got to do something,” Adi said. „We could be landing soon. Not to mention that I'm going to go out of my mind.”
„Meditation not working?”
Adi cocked an eyebrow at him. „Very amusing, Qui-gon. You forget that I'm the Jedi without a sense of humor. ”

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