William Hope Hodgson brit

1877. november 15. (Blackmore End, Egyesült Királyság) – 1918. áprilisa (Ypres, Belgium)

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William Hope Hodgson: The House on the Borderland
William Hope Hodgson: Carnacki the Ghost-Finder
William Hope Hodgson: The Gateway of the Monster
William Hope Hodgson: The House On The Borderland and Other Novels
William Hope Hodgson: The Boats of the 'Glen Carrig'

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I am as big a skeptic concerning the truth of ghost tales as any man you are likely to meet; only I am what I might term an unprejudiced skeptic. I am not given to either believing or disbelieving things ‘on principle,’ as I have found many idiots prone to be, and what is more, some of them not ashamed to boast of the insane fact.

The Thing Invisible (1912)

Gudmundur P>!

I am not superstitious; but I have ceased to deny that things happen in this old house – things that I cannot explain; and, therefore, I must needs ease my mind, by writing down an account of them, to the best of my ability; though, should this, my diary, ever be read when I am gone, the readers will but shake their heads, and be the more convinced that I was mad.

II, The Plain of Silence