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Steve Hodel: Black Dahlia Avenger
Steve Hodel: Black Dahlia Avenger II

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Phoebe Short, the victim's mother, learned that her daughter was found dead and mutilated in a vacant lot when two reporters from the L.A. Examiner called her in Medford, Massachusetts, after the paper had learned, from its Soundex transmission of fingerprints to the FBI, that the victim's name was Elizabeth Short. It was a gruesome phone call, because the reporters, in their effort to gain as much information as possible, initially told Mrs. Short that her daughter had won a beauty contest and they needed background information on her for a story. Excited and jubilant, Phoebe began to gush about her daughter, talking about her beauty, her hopes, her dreams, until the reporter finally revealed the awful truth. Crushed and distraught, Phoebe nonetheless answered the rest of their questions, and the reporters had their exclusive.

113. oldal, 11 - The Dahlia Witnesses (Skyhorse, 2015)

Steve Hodel: Black Dahlia Avenger A Genius for Murder: The True Story