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Shelley Klein: A világ leggonoszabb kalózai
Shelley Klein: A világ leggonoszabb titkos társaságai
Shelley Klein: A világ leggonoszabb diktátorai
Shelley Klein: The Most Evil Secret Societies in History

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All of this guaranteed that the Thugs continued to fascinate Victorian England, particularly with stories of human sacrifices being made to the Hindu goddess of destruction, Kali.

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For as long as a man has been able to communicate with his fellow man, to create social hierarchies and organize mutually beneficial gatherings, he has also, or so it seems, been fascinated by the creation and presence of secret societies.


Personal gain becomes something of a recurring theme when studying secret societies […]


Despite the apparent collapse of the Illuminati, the flood of anti-Illuminati literature written by those opposed to the group's beliefs means that, ironically, we know more about the group today than we would ever otherwise have done.


[…] mankind has a deep-rooted need for conspiracy theories; we want to blame the problems of the world on a faceless organization more than anything else; we want there to exist a sinister secret organization, the eradication of which would solve all our problems overnight.


Originally the swastika had been an ancient Indian symbol of good luck as well as the traditional symbol of the Norse god of thunder, Thor.


[…] the lost but not-so-mythical city of Atlantis located somewhere between Greenland and Iceland.


Naming their group the Ku Klux Klan after the Greek word for 'circle' (kyklos) and then adding an alternative spelling of 'clan' for its alliterative value, […]