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“You will never know the love I feel for her. How beautiful it is. How painful it can be. What it felt like when I first looked at her. And what it felt like when I thought I might lose her before I could even save her. You will never know true love until you experience true fear. And you will never feel those toward her, as I am the only one for her. She. Is. Mine.”

Chapter 32- How Beautiful It Is.How Painful It Can Be.

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“A taste of you … is worth a lifetime in Hell.”

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A smile started to upturn one side of his lips. “You came in skipping and smiling into Lucca Caruso’s office, so you’re either really fucking stupid or you don’t scare easy.” His hand that was holding onto her wrist began traveling slowly up her arm. “Let’s find out, shall we?” Adalyn stood dangerously still wondering what he was going to do till his hand stopped over her throat and his thumb caught her pulse.
“Strong… but steady.”

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“You’re a killer.”
“Yes, I am. I have killed many and tortured more.”

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“Chloe …” His voice came out in a broken whisper. Please wake up, darlin’.

She was breaking his heart, and if her nightmare lasted much longer, he was going to break.

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“Why are you here?”
“Last time I checked, this was still my home.”
Throwing herself down on the couch, she sunk into it. “Oh yeah, I forgot you have, like, five homes.”
“I have three.” Lifting three fingers, he began to list them. “My dad’s, my penthouse, and here.”
“Aren’t you always over at the Caruso house. That’s like four.”
“We don’t really hang out over there much anymore since we got the penthouses. Plus …” Vincent paused for a second. “Lucca may or may not have banned me from the house for the time being.”
Busting out in laughter, she could barely get her words out. “He banned you? What did you do now?”
“He didn’t like the way I smiled at Chloe; said I was flirting with her.”
“Were you?” She laughed even harder.
“No! That’s just my fucking face!” he yelled over her cackling, getting frustrated.

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“It took me one look to fall in love with her. One look to want to know everything and anything about her. One look to feel protective of her, like my life depended on it. One look to want to kill whoever gave her those scars.”

Chapter 32-How Beautiful It Is. How Painful It Can Be.

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Lucca sat somewhere between those two men, having the skills and intellect, but it was his sadistic, twisted, demented mind that made him the worst of all. With him commanding the two men under him, there wasn’t going to be anything or anyone to stand in his way.

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“Family cannot be determined by blood. Family is determined by actions. Family is about trust. Family is about acceptance. Family is about love. True family is earned, not born.”

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“Hey, darlin’,” a familiar, deep voice greeted her. Chloe looked up at Lucca, wondering how he could appear and disappear without a sound. He was the last person anyone would want to catch them offguard, and she was the first person who shouldn’t be snuck up on. Lucca pulled out a cigarette and held it with his lips as he spoke.
“I hear you’re still saying you’re a germaphobe. Have you ever thought of telling the truth, just once?” He flicked his Zippo with his wrist and lit the end.
Chloe looked down at her lap and squeezed her hands together. “I-It’s not a lie.”