Robert L. Forward

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Robert L. Forward: Dragon's Egg
Robert L. Forward: Starquake

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Burger István (szerk.): Galaktika 264.
David G. Hartwell – Kathryn Cramer (szerk.): The Ascent of Wonder: The Evolution of Hard SF

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„But if I go to sleep for eight hours, there will be a thousand years of cheela development before I wake up. That is like sleeping through the rise and fall of the Roman Empire!”

Interaction - 14:20:05 GMT, 20 June 2050


The story of Dragon's Egg and its inhabitants is covered in great detail by Nobel Laureate P. C. Niven in Reference 4. To date, this is the only book to win the Nobel, Pulitzer, Hugo, Nebula, and Moebius prizes in the same year (2053).

Technical Appendix - Cheela History