Randall Garrett

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Randall Garrett: Lord Darcy

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Burger István (szerk.): Galaktika 259.
Sziládi János (szerk.): Galaktika 85.
David G. Hartwell – Kathryn Cramer (szerk.): The Ascent of Wonder: The Evolution of Hard SF

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„Elemental, my dear Doctor. A projected psychic manifestation symbolized by the four elementary states of matter: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. Or earth, water, air, and fire, as they used to call them.”

A Matter of Gravity

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„The mule,” he was fond of saying, „is as much smarter than a horse as a raven is smarter than a falcon. Neither a raven nor a mule will go charging into combat just because some human tells him to.”

The Ipswich Phial


Sir Pierre Morlaix, Chevalier of the Angevin Empire, Knight of the Golden Leopard, and secretary-in-private to my lord, the Count D'Evreux, pushed back the lace at his cuff for a glance at his wrist watch – three minutes of seven.

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Late afternoon is not a usual time for suicide

A Stretch of the Imagination (első mondat)


„I don't know. God does.”
Lord Darcy nodded.
„Indeed; and one of His greatest attributes is that if you ask Him the right question in the right way, He will always give you an answer.”

The Ipswich Phial


It is dangerous to disturb a magician at work.

The Muddle of the Woad