Paul Smith or Paul Smith's may refer to:


  • Paul Smith (composer) (1906–1985), American film music composer
  • Paul Smith (pianist) (1922–2013), Los Angeles jazz pianist
  • Paul Smith (rock vocalist) (born 1979), vocalist and songwriter of British indie rock band Maxïmo Park
  • Paul Smith (Christian music singer) (born 1953), American contemporary Christian music performer and songwriter
  • Paul Smith (music industry executive) (fl. 1985–present), British record label manager and art event producer
  • Paul Reed Smith (born 1956), American luthier and founder/owner of PRS Guitars
  • Paul Tillman Smith, American percussionist
  • Paul Smith, drummer in the band Dengue Fever


  • Paul Smith (Irish writer) (1920–1997), writer and playwright
  • Paul Smith (television writer) (born 1961), British creator of television series and television writer
  • Paul Gerard Smith (1894–1968), American screenwriter
  • Dale Smith (writer) (born 1976), pseudonym of Paul Dale Smith, British writer and playwright
  • Paul Smith (blogger), 21st century British writer and creator of the Twitchhiker Project
  • Paul Smith (journalist) (fl. 2002–present), British football journalist
  • Paul Jordan-Smith (1885–1971), American journalist, editor, and author
  • Paul Smith (historian) (born 1937), British historian of Victorian England
  • Paul Chaat Smith, Comanche author and associate curator at the National Museum of the American Indian
  • Paul Julian Smith, American historian of Hispanic studies and modern Spain and Mexico

Film, television and radio

  • Paul Smith (Australian actor) (born 1968), starred in the Australian sitcom Hey Dad...!
  • Paul Smith (animator) (1906–1980), American animator and director best known for his work in Woody Woodpecker cartoons
  • Paul L. Smith (1936–2012), American actor and comedian
  • Paul Smith (American actor, born 1929), American comic character actor
  • Paul W. Smith (born 1953), American talk radio host in Michigan


  • Paul Smith (artist) (1921–2007), American typewriter artist
  • Paul Smith (fashion designer) (born 1946), British fashion designer
  • Paul Smith (comics) (born 1953), American comic book artist
  • Paul M. Smith (photographer) (born 1969), British photographer and educator
  • Paul J. Smith (arts administrator) (1931–2020), American arts administrator, curator, and artist

Science and academics

  • M. Paul Smith (fl. 1992–present), British paleontologist
  • Paul Althaus Smith (1900–1980), American mathematician
  • Paul Smith (academic) (born 1954), British academic and cultural critic


Association footballers

  • Paul Smith (footballer, born 1954), English football player for Huddersfield Town and Cambridge United
  • Paul Smith (footballer, born 1962), Scottish football player and manager
  • Paul Smith (footballer, born 1964), English football player for Sheffield United, Port Vale and Lincoln City
  • Paul Smith (footballer, born 1967), English football player for Torquay United, Brentford and Bristol Rovers
  • Paul Smith (footballer, born 1971), English football player for Gillingham and Brentford
  • Paul Smith (footballer, born 22 January 1976), English football player for Burnley, Hartlepool United and Sheffield Wednesday
  • Paul Smith (footballer, born 25 January 1976), English football player for Lincoln City
  • Paul Smith (footballer, born 1979), goalkeeper currently at Southend United
  • Paul Smith (footballer, born 1991), English football player for Chester City and Barrow

American football

  • Paul Smith (defensive end) (1945–2000), former NFL defensive end
  • Paul Smith (fullback) (born 1978), former NFL fullback
  • Paul Smith (quarterback) (born 1984), former college quarterback
  • Paul G. Smith (1882–1971), college football head coach


  • Paul Smith (boxer) (born 1982), British professional boxer
  • Paul Smith (cricketer, born 1820) (1820–?), English cricketer
  • Paul Smith (cricketer, born 1964), English cricketer
  • Paul Smith (cricketer, born 1975), former English cricketer
  • Paul Smith (first baseman) (1931–2019), American baseball player
  • Paul Smith (outfielder) (1888–1958), American baseball player
  • Paul Smith (rugby league) (born 1969), Australian rugby league player
  • Paul Smith (racing driver) (born 1955), British former racing driver
  • Paul Smith (drift driver) (born 1980), British drift driver

Other fields

  • Paul Smith (1825–1912), born Apollos Smith, founder of one of the first resorts in the Adirondacks, New York
  • Paul Smith (clergy) (born 1935), African-American Presbyterian minister
  • Paul M. Smith (born 1955), American attorney whose most notable case is Lawrence v. Texas
  • Paul Ray Smith (1969–2003), US Army sergeant and Medal of Honor recipient
  • Paul F. Smith (1915–2014), US Army general
  • Paul Smith, founder of British motorist lobby group Safe Speed in 2001