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1950. november 18. –

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Michael Swanwick: The Iron Dragon's Daughter
Michael Swanwick: Dancing with Bears
Michael Swanwick: The Dog Said Bow-Wow
Michael Swanwick: Chasing the Phoenix
Michael Swanwick: Bones of the Earth
Michael Swanwick: Not So Much, Said the Cat
Michael Swanwick: Stations of the Tide
Michael Swanwick: Vacuum Flowers
Michael Swanwick: Jack Faust
Michael Swanwick: The Periodic Table of Science Fiction

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“My name is Sir Blackthorpe Ravenscairn de Plus Precieux, which is how I should be addressed on formal occasions. But, that being a bit overlong for everyday use, you may call me Surplus.”

Chapter 1

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The Spider Hero lived his life by this maxim: He who possesses great power is burdened also with great responsibility.

Chapter 11

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„Jamal has an MBA in dinosaur merchandising. We're pretty sure he's the first.”
„Is there money in dino merchandising?”
„You'd be surprised. Let's say you've got a new critter — something glam, a giant European carnivore, let's say. You've got three resources you can sell. First the name. Euroraptor westinghausei for a modest sponsorship, Exxonraptor europensis for the big bucks.”

Chapter 5: Island Hopping

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: dinoszaurusz
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…Leyster was able to add several rare dinosaurs to his life list. He got clear sightings of betrachovenators, cryptoceratops, fubarodons, and jabberwockias. Once he even saw a Cthuluraptor imperator in all its terrifying splendor.

Chapter 18: Peer Review

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It was half-empty, but in her desperate state, she welcomed it as if it were half-full.

Chapter 11.

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“Is your name really Capable Servant?”
“Oh yes, sir. My mother named me Capable Servant of No Special Distinction, thinking it would improve my chances of finding employment. Capable Servant, because that is what every gentleman needs. Of No Special Distinction to reassure my master that I am unlikely to leave his hire seeking better pay elsewhere.”

Chapter 1

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“Madam, this is the saintly Aubrey Darger! In London, he freed Queen Alice from the clutches of her greatest enemy. In France, he rediscovered the long-lost Eiffel Tower. In Prague, he single-handedly defeated an army of golems. All of Moscow reveres him for waking the Duke of Muscovy from his decades-long slumber and, shortly thereafter, making certain vital improvements to the Kremlin and indeed to the city itself.”

Chapter 1

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Aubrey Darger
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“I am Sergeant Bright Prosperity of the Good Fortune Spider Corps”—the young man slapped the metal flank of his vehicle—“and this is my war machine, Death to the Enemies of the State. And you, sir?”

Chapter 1

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Human beings could be real jerks. It was encouraging that another species deemed them worth liking.

Chapter 19: Lazarus Taxon