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1957. április 10. (East Chicago, Indiana, USA) – 2006. szeptember 25. (Minneapolis, USA)

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Teljes névJohn Milo "Mike" Ford

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John M. Ford: The Dragon Waiting
John M. Ford: Growing Up Weightless
John M. Ford: The Final Reflection
John M. Ford: How Much for Just the Planet?

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David G. Hartwell – Kathryn Cramer (szerk.): The Ascent of Wonder: The Evolution of Hard SF

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Richard looked out a window, said „It would be so much easier if the gods would stop us doing what we should not.”

Part Four, Chapter 11: Transgressions

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„Savonarola… it seems I recall him; one of those who come to Fiorenza in search of freedom and at once demand the abolition of all freedoms they do not like. And who was the divine emperor, to whom he was… praying?”

Part One, Chapter 3: Fiorenza

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The King said „My lord Protector.” They all turned. In a voice as hard and cold and clear as something carved from ice, Edward said „Once I have learned properly to hate, Uncle, then will I truly be King?”

Part Four, Chapter 10: Transitions

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: III. Richárd
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The central absurdity of magic is that it can only do what men can imagine; and anything a man can imagine, a way may be devised of doing, without sorcery.

Part Five, Chapter 13: Dragon