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Jewel E. Ann: Zajlik az élet
Jewel E. Ann: Look the Part
Jewel E. Ann: Transcend
Jewel E. Ann: End of Day
Jewel E. Ann: Middle of Knight
Jewel E. Ann: Dawn of Forever
Jewel E. Ann: Epoch
Jewel E. Ann: One
Jewel E. Ann: Naked Love
Jewel E. Ann: Perfectly Adequate

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Szilvi00 P>!

(…) I was the best possible version of myself with Luke. Everything I feared before him just … vanished. I felt like a leaf falling from a tree and he was the wind whispering, I’ve got you.

Szilvi00 P>!

“You want to know what comes after the epilogue?”
“A new book filled with endless possibilities.”

Naiva P>!

But I can’t really touch her.
She’s here.
But I can’t really see her.
She’s here.
But she’s no longer mine.

Szilvi00 P>!

People love chocolate, surfing, and their gold fish. Adoration is better … it means to both love and admire.

Szilvi00 P>!

Dorothy… Dorothy… Dorothy…
The girl with an old lady name, an uncensored tongue, and the most contagious grin has managed to flip my world on its side.

Szilvi00 P>!

She hated Luke for making her love him. She hated Jackson for making her live. She hated AJ for making her care.

Szilvi00 P>!

Strength acknowledges weakness, it doesn’t ignore it.

Szilvi00 P>!

“I worship the ground you walk on.”
A blinding smile grew along his face as he pulled her into his arms and whispered in her ear, “Impossible. When I’m with you my feet don’t touch the ground.”

Szilvi00 P>!

“I don’t mind being me. No one else can do it better.”
–Dorothy Mayhem

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Naiva P>!

Let’s never be in love. Let’s fall every day without ever touching the ground.