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Jay McLean: More Than This
Jay McLean: Kick Push
Jay McLean: Lucas
Jay McLean: More Than Her
Jay McLean: More Than Him
Jay McLean: Coast
Jay McLean: More Than Forever
Jay McLean: Where the Road Takes Me
Jay McLean: More Than Enough
Jay McLean: Combative

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“Ti amo, mio ragazzo bel rotto.”
I love you, my beautifully broken boy.

Naiva P

I can tell how badly the boy's falling for the girl, just like the girl's falling for the boy.


“Hey Josh?”
“Yeah Chloe?”
And I’ll never forget what she says next; “There’s a big difference between being happy and being selfish. Choose to be happy. Fire truck the rest.”

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I don't care that you can't quote my favorite movie, and you don't care that I don't know what book Will and Layken are from.

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Dylan: You know the rules of mayhem, right?
Logan: Retaliation. Fight or die, brother.
Lucy: Every little girl wishes for a pony. You got eleventy-three of them. What’s the big deal?
Cam: LOL.
Jake: Just so we’re clear, I knew nothing about this.
Amanda: LIES!
Mikayla: LIES!
Logan: Jake supplied us with the glitter and High School Musical poster. He won’t say how he got it, though.
Jake: Shut up.
Mikayla: Jake stopped liking Zac Efron after 17 Again.
Jake: Wow, babe. There’s a bus. Just throw me under it.
Lucy: Lol. It’s okay, Jake. Amanda told me she thinks about him when Logan’s on the bottom.
Logan: WTF!
Amanda: LIES!

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So what's this about a book club? You girls sit around, reading dirty books, fanning each other's vaginas? Because if so, count me in!

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