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Jay McLean: More Than This
Jay McLean: Kick Push
Jay McLean: More Than Her
Jay McLean: More Than Him
Jay McLean: Coast
Jay McLean: Lucas
Jay McLean: More Than Forever
Jay McLean: Where the Road Takes Me
Jay McLean: More Than Enough
Jay McLean: Combative

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pveronika P

“Ti amo, mio ragazzo bel rotto.”
I love you, my beautifully broken boy.

Naiva P

I can tell how badly the boy's falling for the girl, just like the girl's falling for the boy.

pveronika P

„Did you have a pet Kangaroo?” I asked Jake. We were sitting on a bench just outside the building. We didn't know how long they'd be so we walked to get a coffee and some food.
He turned to face me with a slight scowl on his face. „You're shitting me right?”
I shrugged. I was. But Micky told me once that he hated getting stupid questions about Australia and his accent. „I'll take that as a no.”
A few moments later, I asked, „How big is Australia? Is it the same size as Texas?”
Jake shook his head slowly, eyeing me like I was stupid.
I tried to contain my laugh.
„It's like the same size as America,” he said slowly.
„Oh,” I pretended to sound surprised. Then, „Did you guys have bowling?”
„Bowling?” he repeated.
„Yeah, like ten pin bowling.”
„Oh my God,” he laughed out, „It's not all red dirt country, of course there's fucking ten pin bowling.”
„Oh,” I said again, „Do they let you bring your pet Kangaroos bowling?”
He looked at me like I was crazy.
Then I threw my head back in laughter.
„Oh, you're fucking with me!” He finally got it, and laughed with me.
Then Logan's voice boomed from the doorway. „Hey asshole, you better not be hitting on my girl.”

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pveronika P

“Hey Josh?”
“Yeah Chloe?”
And I’ll never forget what she says next; “There’s a big difference between being happy and being selfish. Choose to be happy. Fire truck the rest.”

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pveronika P

I don't care that you can't quote my favorite movie, and you don't care that I don't know what book Will and Layken are from.

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pveronika P

Dylan: You know the rules of mayhem, right?
Logan: Retaliation. Fight or die, brother.
Lucy: Every little girl wishes for a pony. You got eleventy-three of them. What’s the big deal?
Cam: LOL.
Jake: Just so we’re clear, I knew nothing about this.
Amanda: LIES!
Mikayla: LIES!
Logan: Jake supplied us with the glitter and High School Musical poster. He won’t say how he got it, though.
Jake: Shut up.
Mikayla: Jake stopped liking Zac Efron after 17 Again.
Jake: Wow, babe. There’s a bus. Just throw me under it.
Lucy: Lol. It’s okay, Jake. Amanda told me she thinks about him when Logan’s on the bottom.
Logan: WTF!
Amanda: LIES!

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pveronika P

So what's this about a book club? You girls sit around, reading dirty books, fanning each other's vaginas? Because if so, count me in!

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