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A moment before Lawrence could finish, Holo hugged Lawrence.
And taking in a deep breath as if sniffing the scent of Lawrence’s clothes
for all she was worth, she held it for a while before gently exhaling.
When she pulled back, she seemed happy, so much she teared up a bit.
“How much do you think I love you, you fool?”

Isuna Hasekura: Spice & Wolf 16. The Coin of the Sun II


In this village, when the ripened ears of wheat sway in the breeze, it is said that a wolf runs through them.

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Although the autumn sky that was visible between the swaying stalks of wheat had not changed in hundreds of years, conditions below that sky had indeed changed.
The villagers who tended the wheat as the years passed lived for seventy years at the most.
Perhaps it would be worse for them to go centuries without changing.

3. oldal, Prologue


Lawrence had traveled far and wide, so he put no stock in the teachings of the Church, but his faith in superstition was greater even than that of the farmers here. Too many times had he crossed mountains only to arrive in towns and find the price of his goods dropping precipitously. It was enough to make anyone superstitious.

14. oldal, Chapter One

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Still, having spent so many days alone with a horse, he started to feel it would be nice if the horse could speak.

17. oldal, Chapter One


When a young merchant went to buy a horse from a horse trader, some would even recommend a mare with a completely straight face, „just in case she turns human on you.”
This had happened to Lawrence, who'd ignored the advice and bought a sturdy stallion.
That same horse was working steadily in front of him even now, but as time passed and Lawrence grew lonely, he wondered if he mightn't have been better off with a mare after all.

17. oldal, Chapter One


She had a terrifying allure despite her obvious youth, nestled there in the furs and illuminated by the moonlight.

19. oldal, Chapter One

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